There’s still time to head for the French Open
French Open
French Open
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Don’t miss the famous French Open Tennis tournament taking place this coming week and all the way till 5 June. Let Baroque Travel get your tickets and travel plans sorted so you can leave right away


The famous French Open, often called the Roland Garros tennis tournament, is currently on until early June in Paris at the Stade Roland Garros. Named after French aviator Roland Garros, this is the world’s premier clay court tennis championship and the second of four Grand Slam events (the others include the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open).


As a result of playing on clay, which makes the play slower, and the five-set men’s singles matches held without a tiebreak in the final set, this prestigious event is considered to be the most physically demanding major tennis tournament held on earth.


This week sees the men’s and women’s singles first, second and third rounds, while on Sunday, 29 May and Monday, 30 May, the fourth round takes place. The quarter finals will be on Tuesday, 31 May and Wednesday, 1 June. The pace heats up from Thursday, 2 June onwards, with the Final Mixed doubles, half finals and men’s and women’s singles.



Below is a schedule of the highlights of the French Open for the quarter finals onwards:

Tuesday, 31 May: 2pm Quarter finals men’s and women’s singles

Wednesday, 1 June: 2pm Quarter finals men’s and women’s singles

Thursday, 2 June: 11am onwards Final Mixed doubles, half final, men’s and women’s singles

Friday, 3 June: 2pm half final, men’s singles, women’s doubles

Saturday, 4 June: Men’s doubles final, women’s singles final

Sunday, 5 June: Women’s doubles final, men’s singles final

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