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So many timepieces, so little time… which is why Baroque Access has picked one of the most unique to showcase for you, the new version of Patek Philippe’s Time Minute Repeater Watch, its Special Edition. Take a look….

The original version of the magnificent World Time Minute Repeater Watch, also known as Reference 5531, revealed in 2017, was the first-ever minute repeater that always strikes local time. This patented mechanism from Patek Philippe had a price tag of $560,000, and was worth every single cent. It was incredibly innovative, joining two of the brand’s most emblematic complications into one timepiece and boasted remarkable beauty as well.

Originally introduced last year at Patek Philippe’s Art of Watches Grand Exhibition in New York as a special edition, the watch was one of only 10 – hence the hefty price tag. The new 5513R is now part of the brand’s regular collection, featuring a grand feu enamel dial treatment that depicts the Lavaux vineyard terraces on the shores of Lake Geneva, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The new 5513R has a similar price tag – $495,000 – but, like its predecessor, it is still one-of-a-kind, offering not only a minute repeater, but coordinating this with the world time complication so that the repeater only strikes the time indicated, and not local time.

Other innovations in the movement include the way that the striking works are set up so that the wearer hears the time shown on the watch dial at the end of the strike and not when it starts. What this means is that, if, for example, you start the repeater at 5:59:50, you will hear the watch strike 6:00, which is the time when the watch finishes striking the hour. Various safety mechanisms have also been put in place to prevent accidental damage to the mechanism – an example of this is that while the striking train is activated, it is impossible to adjust local time simultaneously.

The 18-karat rose gold case features open-worked lugs, plus this is the first Patek Philippe repeater timepiece that has the foot of the gongs attached to the case band instead of the movement. This gives a better tone.

As far as specifications are concerned, the watch is 42mm in diameter, with a thickness of 11.49mm. The color of the city disk of the dial is German silver (maillechort), whilst the 24-hour disk is created in rose gold. The center selection features cloisonné enamel decoration depicting the vineyards above Lake Geneva. The case is not water resistant, but is protected against dust and moisture. The strap is created from chocolate brown patent alligator leather and features a folding rose gold clasp.

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