Prada’s new kids on the block
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Italian design house Prada just released a new family of mysterious creatures, accessories called Pradamalia. Baroque Access finds out all about them

Imagine a futuristic lab owned by Prada with a team of researchers who have researched and studied the Prada DNA that has given this luxury fashion brand such cachet for more than a century. The result of their experiments is Pradamalia, a family of mysterious little critters that are a blend of biology and technology, and 100% Prada.

There’s a story attached to the collectibles, too. The seven new creatures, named Spot, Disco, Socks, Fiddle, Otto, Toto and Scuba, each have supernatural powers and their own distinctive personalities. Each boasts a unique anatomy, personal quirks, behaviors and origins.

Five of the seven Pradamalia creatures are based on real-life animals. Spot resembles a slug, Socks is a dog, Otto and Toto are little monkeys and Scuba is aptly named – he’s a jellyfish. The other two – Fiddle and Disco – are more alien-like.

Raised in the confines of a laboratory, each possesses a triangular Prada heart and a brain that is checkerboard patterned. Other features particular to these little creatures include metal studs, ombre tones, polished wood, printed lips and iconic Saffiano leather.

These little Prada creatures are planning to escape the laboratory and enter the real world. The story will be continued, with episodes about each individual creature and its antics, in an animated campaign.

These seven Pradamalia creatures form a collection of adorable necklace charms. The range will continue to grow to include an extensive range of jewellery including earrings, as well as tech accessories, key chains and small leather bags, all featuring the seven little personalities. The initial collection comes in specially designed packaging and includes an extensive story of each individual creature and its origins.


Aside from not having to feed, clean or look after these tiny little creatures, owners can show them off on a daily basis by wearing them. Pradamalia, by the way, is a combination of ‘Prada’ and ‘Animalia’.

These creatures are a continuation of Prada’s robotic Trick collection of little robot-like creations made up of mechanical odds and ends, accessories that have adorned handbags and held keys in the past, and are now being worn as jewellery.

The Pradamalia collection is a collaboration between Prada 2×4 New York, the design company that was responsible for Prada’s comic-inspired Spring/Summer 2018 Womens Wear runway set.

Perfect for the Christmas Season, the quirky, eclectic Pradamalia collection launches this month (November). Packed in their lab-like boxes, each charm comes with a sticker sheet and a lanyard so that it can be worn around the neck.

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