Limited edition miniature Bugatti coming in early 2019
Amalgam Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

The Amalgam Collection creates hand-built perfect replica model cars that are quite exceptional. And their latest vehicle, the limited edition Bugatti, is a cut above. Only 99 of these miniatures will be created – and 6 will be revealed in mid-January 2019. Baroque Ground has all the details

Look, these hand-built model cars aren’t everybody’s idea of fun. The Amalgam Collection, which started in 1985 in Bristol in the United Kingdom, began as a partnership between 4 extremely talented model makers working with some of England’s leading architects. The company was acquired by US company Motorsport Network in 2016. It is famous for supplying leading Formula 1 teams and all of Europe’s most iconic car manufacturers. It’s equally renowned for creating perfect scale miniature replicas of classic cars.

Amalgam Collection uses original CAD data supplied by the manufacturer and then works closely with its design team to perfect the model’s interior and exterior finishes. The company has recreated many classic cars with incredible accuracy and authenticity – and the limited edition Bugatti ‘Lord Rothschild’ model is a perfect example. Each model is meticulously finished, a perfect scale replica – its detail extends to the wood on the dashboard and steering wheel, not to mention the placement of every single rivet in the bodywork.

So how does Amalgam create such a perfect miniature classic like the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic? The project involves a combination of laser scanning, and taking hundreds of photographs of every single detail to ensure the vehicle is a perfect miniature. The Bugatti, replicated in a scale of 1:8, is identical to the vehicle that was originally owned by Victor, Third Baron Rothschild, which sold in 2010 for $30 million. Only 4 of these cars were ever built, and the ‘Lord Rothschild’ model is one of 3 that still exist (fashion designer Ralph Lauren owns one of the other 2).

The Amalgam model version is 24 inches (60cm). It is identical, right down to the Bakelite-style switches. It boasts a perfect miniaturization of the Bugatti engine. Of course, this type of craftsmanship comes at a price. One of these limited edition models will set you back in the region of $11,000 – more if you want some bespoke details.

You cannot put a price on meticulous attention to detail, and that is what Amalgam Collection is known for when it creates one of its signature replica miniatures. So if you know somebody who deserves a late Christmas gift, or want to give yourself one, the Amalgam Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic could be yours. For displaying your Bugatti model, you can choose between space-efficient rotating wall displays, or display cases in tabletop or floor-standing forms. Special case lighting can also be created to accentuate the magic of the mini Bugatti.

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