Life’s Good Here: the Pacha Ibiza Club Comes to Dubai

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The year was 1973. Two brothers strolled around Ibiza, Spain – a Mediterranean island with lovely summers – and opened a club that would become known as the Pacha Ibiza Club. Since that landmark year, Ibiza was transformed into an active and vibrant scene for nightlife activities. Tourists flocked to the decadent and extravagant night clubs that dotted the landscape of the island.

Now the famed club is setting its foot in Dubai and opening its doors to those eager for the thrills and dazzle of the already glittering Dubai nightlife. Pacha Ibiza, “The Nightlife Brand that Enchanted the World,” will situate itself in space formerly taken up by Trilogy at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts.

And tonight, Friday the 7th of November, Pacha Ibiza Dubai is officially opening. From 11 PM to 3 o’clock in the morning, resident DJs Pierre Ravan and Amy Alexandra will entertain patrons with their pulsing beats and resonating house music. Prior to this, however, dinner will be served, starting at 8:30 PM: Pan-Asian cuisine will delight patrons who are indoors, while delectable Moorish dishes will treat those on the rooftop.

For those who will not be present at the club’s opening, here is some additional information to savor.

 The Size of the Pacha Ibiza Dubai Club

Capable of holding 2000 patrons, a grand total of 27,000 square feet will be occupied by the imposing grandeur of the walls of the Pacha Ibiza Dubai Club. A Main Room will feature DJs artfully practicing their craft by unleashing house music and techno on the dance floor. A Red Room will also be available, and so too will a terrace – an exquisite spot for dining and taking in the sights and sounds of the glamorous nightlife that is Dubai.

 Entertainment at the Pacha Ibiza Dubai Club

There will, of course, be an endless array of music to complement the activities on the great circular dance floor of the Pacha Ibiza Dubai Club. But, in the lustering tradition of the Pacha club franchise, there will be much more entertainment, too – far more. Acrobats will be seen displaying their remarkable and wonderful feats of human endurance, balance, and agility. World-class singers will likewise grace the club, and dancers from across the world will perform their beautiful, swift gyrations.

And so for marvelous dining, breathtaking live shows and performances, and the signature experience that is the Pacha Club nightclub scene, drop by Pacha Ibiza Dubai and behold the wonders here.

The Pacha Ibiza Dubai Club, launching in Dubai on November 7, 2014.




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