These Delightful New Restaurants Await You in NYC

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If you’re a Manhattanite, you might have already bustled over to these new restaurants and tasted the delectable edibles they are rapidly becoming well-known for. But if you haven’t – or if you’re not from Manhattan but still looking for sumptuously delicious cuisines, these 5 new restaurants that have just recently opened up. Here’s why you’ll love them.




Where: 29 E 29 St Manhattan

The Chef: Nick Anderer, fresh from victorious stints at the famous Babbo and Gramercy Tavern

Specialty: Rustic Roman pizzas

What Makes this Place Unique: Much could be said that would highlight the unique aspects of this pizzeria that’s opened late into the evening (up to 11:30 PM). For starters, the pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven in the tradition of Italy’s pizza tondas. The crusts are thin, crisp, and perfectly tasty. Absolutely pure tomato sauce embellishes these savory pizzas, adding a refreshingly tasty tinge to the pizza eating experience. Accepting reservations 28 days in advance, and complete with a bar and pizza counter, the Marta is sure to charm pizza lovers the world over. 




Where: 35 E 21st St Manhattan

The Chef: Enrique Olvera

Specialty: Mexican-inspired cuisines

What Makes this Place Unique: While offering fantastic Mexican cuisines is something special all of its own, there’s even more to Cosme that allows this restaurant to stand out. Local and seasonal ingredients are harvested from the Hudson River Valley (which happens to be situated nearby), evoking a fresh taste to all of the delectable dishes cooked up by this Cosme. Corn, beans, and chili make up the base ingredients, but there is so much variety here that one might be at a loss of what to try out first.



Where: 536 E 5th St NY, NY 10009

The Chef: Thomas Chen

Specialty: A whole lot of different cuisines

What Makes this Place Unique: The food is mouthwateringly good, of course, and one can order oxtail egg rolls, pig, short ribs, sweet potato puree, and scallops. But beyond this, this place is unique because of its casual dining style. Although it caters to an affluent crowd, the chef encourages diners to dress informally – something that may appeal to many who are looking to eat in a perfectly relaxed environment. 

Little Park

Where: 85 West Broadway New York, NY 10007

The Chef: Andrew Carmellini

Specialty: Slightly Italian, with lots of vegetables

What Makes this Place Unique: It’s part of the Smyth Hotel, which it makes it special already, since you can combine a stylish dining experience with an exquisite hotel stay. But there’s more to Little Park than this. Its chef is heavily focused on providing quality vegetable dining, usually organic edibles from surrounding farms. Beetroot risotto, black kale ravioli, and burrata are just a few of the savory foods on the menu.  

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Where: 2 Rivington Street NY NY 10002

The Chef: This is an ice cream parlor, so no head chef here

Specialty: Really fine ice cream

What Makes this Place Unique: Morgenstern’s has styled itself as a “contemporary twist on the traditional ice cream parlor.” And they live up to this brand image by delivering patrons a wide range of carefully textured ice creams, rich in flavor – individual, distinct flavor that might just transform the ice cream eating experience. The ice cream is carefully prepared – no additives or processed stabilizing are used, and natural ingredients are frequently used. 

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