The Only Peninsula in Paris – the Magnificent Peninsula Paris Hotel

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     There’s magnificent dining at the L’oiseau Blanc, timeless opera and art just around the corner, and the opulent Kleber lounge if a little tête-à-tête is desired. It’s the one and only Peninsula Paris Hotel that is gracing the European continent with its presence for the first time. Ideally located at the center of the City of Light, this hotel is rich in cultural history – a grandeur that is reflected in the hotel’s smooth marble floors.

            Indeed, the history of the imposing Peninsula Paris reaches back to 1908, when the iconic Haussmann building was first opened as a grand hotel – bestowing all who entered with an experience so exclusive that notable figures of the world would be sure to situate themselves here.  Remarkably, in 1928 – the same year that the first Peninsula Hotel opened in Hong Kong – George Gershwin would create the lovely symphonic poem, “An American in Paris,” while staying at the hotel. “The street noises and French atmosphere are triumphant,” Gershwin noted, perhaps inspired by the palatial ambiance of the Hassmann grand hotel.

            The years rolled on. A luxurious salon of the hotel – known as Le Bar Kléber – would see many famous faces over the decades. Its esteem and prestige made it an ideal locale for diplomatic negotiations. In fact, it was here – in Le Bar Kléber – that the Vietnam War was brought to a final close with the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, negotiated by Henry Kissinger, the famed American diplomat, political scientist, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

            But only recently has this famous hotel been re-created by the Peninsula Hotels, giving an air of supreme dignity to the new Peninsula Paris. Of particular interest to many, the hotel’s façade has been restored by an army of 20 diligent stonemasons – by hand. Other restorations, too, have been carried out carefully by hand, ensuring a truly unparalleled experience in the new Peninsula Paris. Located at 19 Avenue Kléber, here are some of the accommodations you can expect once you set your foot in this paragon of luxury.

·      Luxury Rooms. The Premier Rooms overlook the hotel’s breathtakingly refreshing courtyards and has a marbled bathroom. Fresh linens drape over the bed, but this isn’t the beginning of the grandness of these rooms. These rooms are some of the largest hotel rooms among Paris’ elite hotels, offering more than enough space for true comfort. A valet box, coffee and tea making features within the room, and a digital bedside all contribute to the splendidness of these rooms.


·       The Dining Experience. The terrace of the L’oiseau Blanc provides an unimaginably beautiful view of the city – a view that is complemented by deliciously savory Parisian cuisines. In-room dining is also exquisite, of course, and the Kléber Bar makes for an excellent bar experience.


·      Spa and Wellness. For a more tranquil and serene beginning to your day, consider heading over to the lovely Peninsula Spa. With 1,800 square meters of pure peace and delight, the Peninsula Spa also features private spas ideal for couples who would like a quiet retreat into prelapsarian bliss.


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