The world’s most prestigious vodka brand

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A recipe for one of the most iconic vodka’s ever created was discovered a century ago in Finland – and now this nectar of the Russian tsars is available to those who can afford it. Baroque Lifestyle gives us all the details about the exclusive Kors vodka brand


The most prestigious vodka brand in the world, Kors Vodka, was originally created for the last Russian Tsar, Nikolas II Alexandrovich Romanov at the beginning of the 20th Century. A best-kept secret, the vodka was relatively unknown by the rest of the world, except for those who received a gift from the Tsar. One of those lucky enough to be given a bottle of this extraordinary vodka was King George the Fifth of England, who also happened to be the Tsar’s first cousin.


The story goes that King George loved the vodka so much that he requested the recipe – and his cousin, the Tsar, sent it to him, along with a small batch of the handmade tipple. Sadly, neither the vodka nor the recipe reached their destination. But they were found on a small farm in Finland, which was known as ‘the Kors Farm’.


To this day, Kors vodka is known as being the purest, most exclusive vodka in the world with a flawless taste. Because the distillation recipe was discovered, the vodka is now being created again, in limited editions in the same exquisite handmade crystal bottle. With its hand-painted gold decorations, ultra-luxurious packaging and a private VIP membership required to acquire a bottle, this historic vodka is one of the most luxurious products available today.


Today, the vodka is still distilled as it was more than a century ago – and the distillation process is a very complex one, which is why only a very small quantity of vodka is produced on an annual basis. To achieve the taste of the original, water samples from all over Europe were tested, and finally water from the Italian Alps was selected as the ideal ingredient. This water is still used to produce Kors vodka along with rye and wheat that is hand selected from 12 different countries to ensure that the taste is as smooth as possible.


Of course, there’s more. The original vodka was distilled using diamond distillation and this extraordinary method created a smooth taste that cannot be replicated. It is, of course, extremely expensive to distill in this manner, but, for those who are producing this quality product, price is no object. In addition, one of the key elements of the distillation process involved pure gold tubes, and these are still used to this day.


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