A scenic escape in Napa Valley, the Meadowood Resort & Spa

Luxury Resort
Luxury Resort
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Meadowood is a plush resort in the Napa Valley, a popular retreat for those in the know that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Here, guests enjoy some of the valley’s legendary wines and get time to savor its scenic beauty while being pampered with every possible luxury.


It’s true what the brochure says. The moment you drive through the gate at Meadowood, the clock stops. Suddenly you’re in charge of the time, of when you dine, when it’s time to sample some of the valley’s superb wines, when it’s time to play a round of golf, go swimming or hiking, play tennis, or be pampered at the spa.


Yes, life at Meadowood is at its own gentle place. It’s an experience enjoyed by the privileged few who come here to be pampered in luxury; the resort has remained a romantic, hidden gem that, once discovered, becomes a regular retreat because of its special qualities. Nowhere else invites its guests to tailormake their holiday to suit their every whim, nowhere else offers the same kind of opportunity to sample and enjoy the wines that the Napa Valley is so famous for.


Of course, the accommodation is exceptional, with a wide selection of sumptuous suites to suit every taste. The amenities are so varied, it will be difficult to know which to choose, from golf, tennis, croquet and hiking to fitness, spa, cooking classes and wine experiences. The restaurant has been awarded three Michelin Stars, which is another major drawcard. In fact, there isn’t just one reason to visit this stunning establishment – there are numerous reasons, each more enticing than the last.


It’s hard to know what to choose when it comes to accommodation, because each offering is plush, individual, magical and stylish. Whether you choose a cosy cottage for the two of you, an elegant suite that exudes chic and glamour, or a spacious lodge to accommodate the whole family, you’ll find that all of them offer the utmost privacy in an idyllic forested setting. In winter, fireplaces add a romantic glow, and year-round the private terraces provide spectacular views, and a spot to spend in quiet contemplation or dining a deux. Of course, amenities are world-class and superlative, so you’ll find it difficult to leave your room or suite. But do take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer, including a stunning pool area, state-of-the-art spa and a fully equipped fitness center.


The golf course at Meadowood is legendary, and the choice of sports facilities a joy for those who enjoy being active. But if you want to spend your time relaxing and doing as little as possible, you can do that, too. As long as you find the time to enjoy a wine-tasting or two, of savoring those legendary wines that have made the Napa Valley such a sought-after destination.


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