Paris Jazz Festival 2015

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If you’re visiting Paris this summer, make sure you visit the city’s exquisite Botanical Gardens to enjoy the famous annual Paris Jazz Festival


For 21 years, Paris has started its summer season off with some great music, including jazz, soul, Latin and funk to make every weekend in June an exciting occasion. And this year will be no exception. Running from Sunday June 7 right through to the end of July, the Paris Jazz Festival at Floral Park in Vincennes is planning to be the city’s best-ever, with 33 concerts over an eight-week period covering every type of music imaginable as well as dance and fun events including workshops and other exciting activities.



In fact, the city is pulling out all the stops this year to make the Paris Jazz Festival even more exciting than ever before. In the heart of the Botanical Gardens, visitors will be able to play various games from all over the world, or attend different musical workshops which teach young ones all about the different types of music.

 The program has been themed to make it easier to choose which concert to attend, and includes some of the best jazz performers in the world as well as stunning jazz music and other genres. 


The Paris Jazz Festival has become one of the highlights of summer in the city, an opportunity to commune with nature while enjoying world-class sounds. Throughout its 21-year history, the Festival has included different sorts of music, not only jazz, but it is most known for the extraordinary jazz music that captures audiences year after year.




When: June 7 – July 27, 2015

Where: Vincennes, Paris, France

Map: The Botanic Garden in Paris on Google Map

Festival tickets;

Fee for adults: 5.50€.

Children and young adults aged 7 to 25 years old: 2.75€

Children under the age of 7 years: free.

If you’re in the city for longer than a week, make sure to get yourself a seasonal pass. Adults: 20 Euro: Aged 7 to 25 years: 10 Euro.

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