Burning Man

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Every summer, tens of thousands of people congregate in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a temporary artistic metropolis called Black Rock City, a place that is dedicated to creativity and self-expression. Burning Man 2015 is upon us – and Baroque Travel has all the details


Everybody is welcome to Burning Man, a festival like no other, a community of people who gather together to work and play together. This year, Burning Man takes place from August 30 to September 7. If you would like to be a participant, however, the deadline is almost here to sign up. You have until June 11 at noon to fill in the Art Installation Questionnaire, and Pre-Registration is between July 29 and 01 August.


Burning Man is a city where anything can happen, and what occurs is created by the people who participate. This is an experience in self-reliance, so planning is just as much fun as the event itself. It’s up to you to create art projects, work out your camping arrangements and get your outfits together. Remember, Burning Man is a network of people who get together to compile a creative and connected existence. Throughout the year they work together and build Black Rock City. Everything that is done to create Burning Man is with one aim in mind – to inspire a sense of culture, community and personal fulfillment in various spheres, including Arts, Civic Involvement, Education, Philosphy and Social Enterprise.


The theme for 2015 is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. The festival is envisioned as a magic show, an old-fashioned Carnival of Mirrors. It’s aimed at finding out who we really are in an endlessly exciting spectacle that is intended to make everyone interact together. Carnivals of old were scary places, but this one is intended to be a place of creative self-expression, an opportunity to find out what lies behind the mask, what the mirror really can reveal.


Regional communities have been invited to help create an interactive space full of ‘strange and enchanting wonders’. Artists and other creative minds are invited to make unique attractions and experiences, as well as installations or works of art.


Unlike other festivals, where audiences sit and watch, Burning Man is all about actively participating. If you’d like to be part of the creation of this unique event, to participate in the experience, there are various ways you can do so:

·         Make Something – whether it’s an art installation, a performance, anything that will make you an active participant.

·         Volunteer to assist in building Black Rock City.

·         Find inspiration from previous Burning Man festivals.

·         Watch a participation video to inspire you.


How to get to Burning Man

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