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Coca Cola
Coca Cola
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For the next six months at the Expo Milano 2015 you can take a look at the magnificent collaboration between luxury designer brand Trussardi and one of the most popular soda’s in the world, Coca Cola, as it celebrates the centenary of the design of its iconic bottle. Baroque Lifestyle investigates

To celebrate the design of the Coca Cola bottle’s 100th birthday, the soft drink collaborated with luxury Italian designer brand Trussardi, famous for its tongue-in-cheek ads and superlative clothing, décor items and accessories. The result? A set of Coke bottles and cans that are unmatched, not to mention the most stylish of their kind in existence.

There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a whole new, stylish look, and one thing is certain – Trussardi certainly delivered. The commemoration of the beverage’s classic bottle design is, in Trussardi tradition, iconic, eclectic and extremely creative. There are five different designs in all, each sharing both the Coca Cola and Trussardi brand names.

Three of these magnificent designs are to be found on the Coca Cola Light beverage tin cans. One is wrapped in a glimmering gold snakeskin pattern, whilst the other two cans are covered in a pattern colored with purple, neon green and blue. All three cans have the words “Elegantly Cool” printed on them in bold, sans serif type, strategically placed between the two famous logos.

The classic Coca Cola bottles are equally eye-catching and painted in a similar pattern to the tin cans. But the color scheme is different; in this case it’s a creative blend of dark red and brown (the colors of both brands) as well as gold.

These magnificent cans and bottles were introduced at the beginning of May at Expo Milano 2015, a six-month showcase of sustainable, healthy food products that respect the environment. Expo Milano 2014 continues right through until 31st October. The Expo is a global showcase of more than 140 countries’ technology aimed at providing healthy, safe and sufficient food while respecting the Planet. More than 20 million visitors are expected to attend.

Unfortunately, there is no date set for when we can expect these magnificent designer cans and bottles to be on US shelves.

If you’re planning to visit Italy this summer, why not stop over for a few days in Milan and enjoy the Expo Milano? The Expo promises to be an exciting event, with the opportunity to learn all about and taste some of the best food in the world, as well as discovering the best gastronomic traditions of so many different countries, and learning all about agri-food, and saving the environment. Of course, you’ll also get to enjoy one of the world’s favorite beverages in its designer iteration.

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