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Baroque Travel investigates Denver’s latest hotel, a unique establishment that is a combination of luxe accommodation and museum


Denver is taking commitment to the arts to a whole new level with its latest offering – the ART, a perfect mix of luxury hotel and art museum. This newly opened establishment boasts 165 sumptuous guest rooms and an ideal location in the midst of the city’s Golden Triangle Museum District.


Just in case anybody’s thinking that the masterpieces on the walls aren’t being taken very seriously, let’s add an important fact – the staff includes an art curator (of course) – in the person of Dianne Vanderlip, who was previously the long-time curator of the Denver Art Museum. In fact, Vanderlip has gathered a selection of art pieces together in the Portico Gallery which are well worth examining.


At the ART it’s difficult to tell where the gallery space ends and the hotel begins, because the establishment is in essence one and the same. The ART elevates the art pieces on the walls of hotels to a very different level. The collection here is world-class and includes notable pieces from influential American artists such as Andy Warhol, Tracey Emin, Sol De Witt, Ed Ruscha, Nancy Rubins, Deborah Butterfield, Kiki Smith and Claus Oldenberg.


There are two dedicated gallery spaces within the hotel, including the Portico Gallery mentioned above. But that’s not all – contemporary artworks are visible throughout the building and include design elements such as the light from 22 000 LED light bulbs in the entrance hall, a spectacular undulating art installation by Leo Villareal that was designed specifically for the ART. In addition, each floor of the establishment features the creations of a particular artist in the hallways as well as in the rooms, adding to the aesthetics of the interior design.


Living in a museum has its advantages of course – you don’t have to go far to enjoy one of the city’s cultural attractions. Of course, the ART is all about offering its guests much more than a cultural experience. This luxurious hotel offers the perfect blend of refined comfort and personalized service. Design is contemporary and modern, with every high tech amenity available. And that’s not all. Cuisine at the FIRE Restaurant is of the finest in the city, accommodation is of the most comfortable on offer and the service is quite sublime.

From the personalized check-in in the Welcome Gallery to panoramic city views on the expansive FIRE terrace, the ART has it all. The atmosphere is sophisticated but very relaxed, intimate and authentic, making it the ideal location for a business trip or a holiday.


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