Gourmet chocolate experience at the St. Regis San Francisco

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The stylish St Regis San Francisco is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxury hotel in this exciting Californian city. Add an exclusive chocolate making and tasting experience and you have the ultimate getaway. Baroque Travel has all the delicious details


One of the most distinguishing factors about a stay at a St Regis hotel is the group’s attention to detail, especially when it comes to catering to guests’ specific tastes. St Regis Aficionado is one of these factors, a distinctive approach to finding out what interests its guests the most, and then offering passionate connoisseurs exactly what they want. So, if it’s antiques that interest you, the group offers various premier collections and auctions for you to enjoy. If you’re a wine connoisseur, then tasting vintage wines that have never been available to the public before will be on the cards. And if you’re a chocolate lover, then read on…


Newly organised for those with a predilection for the finest chocolate is a series of Chocolatier packages that offers both locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a sweet taste of luxury in San Francisco. Guests can enjoy a luxurious two-night stay at the iconic St Regis San Francisco, which also includes private factory tours and chocolate tasting and making experiences at the city’s premier artisan bean-to-bar factory, Dandelion Chocolate.


These chocolatiers are renowned for their luxurious, small-batch gourmet chocolates, which are known as the best in the Bay Area. Combining a stay at the ultra-luxury St Regis offers another level to the unparalleled experience – uncompromising luxury and exclusivity.

Dandelion Chocolates sources only the highest quality cocoa beans and crafts their gourmet products in tiny batches. Guests will enjoy a choice of two indulgent options including the Dandelion Small Batch Chocolate Tasting and Tour, or Chocolate Making and Tasting.

The Tasting and Tour includes a comprehensive look into how chocolate is made, an in-depth tasting and a guided tour through this iconic factory to see firsthand what the production process entails. The afternoon ends with a private tasting of hot chocolate and pastries at Dandelion Café.


The Chocolate Making and Tasting Experience involves spending a day with a chocolatier, with the chance to make a batch of chocolates in a private session. Guests enjoy a tasting of various roasted nibs and learn all about developing flavors and production. They are then guided through the process of turning raw beans into roasted chocolate nibs. They take home these finished, un-tempered chocolate nibs, which they can snack on or use for baking. In addition, guests enjoy professionally made treats from Dandelion Café and also create their own single origin or blended dark chocolate.

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