Chanel to open its first-ever Spa at the newly refurbished Ritz Paris

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When the majestic Hôtel Ritz Paris opens its doors at the end of 2015 after a three-year refurbishment, it will house two reminders of the iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel. Not only will the famous Coco Chanel Suite, where the designer stayed for more than three decades in the early 20th Century, reopen after a meticulous renovation, but the Hôtel Ritz Paris will also be home to Chanel’s brand new, first-ever spa.


The luxury Hôtel Ritz Paris has been closed since 2012 for extensive renovations, which have included meticulous refurbishment of historic parts of the hotel, such as the Coco Chanel Suite and the hotel’s famous Salon Proust, where guests would gather to enjoy legendary Afternoon Tea, warmed in winter by the magnificent cosy fireplace in the Salon. The hotel’s famous terrace restaurant has a new addition – a retractable roof, which will enable visitors to enjoy its fabulous food year round.


The hotel will boast no less than three excellent gourmet restaurants and three bars, including the refurbished Bar Hemingway. And for those guests who prefer the utmost privacy, the hotel has added another innovative offering… a tunnel has been specially built underneath the hotel so that stars and celebrities and other well-known dignitaries can come and go without being photographed by the ever-present paparazzi.


For more than 30 years, Madame Coco Chanel lived in one of the hotel’s sumptuous suites, until her death in 1971. The Coco Chanel Suite has been renovated meticulously to resemble its previous incarnation, which includes two beautiful bedrooms and a living area. Chanel has announced through a spokesperson that the new suite is “inspired by the one she originally occupied and the décor she loved so much”. So it’s unlikely to have changed much. It will still include Coco Chanel’s own furniture, including an iconic beige sofa adorned with plush quilted cushions and a magnificent folding screen created from lacquered Coromandel.


These strong ties to the Hôtel Ritz Paris, which is ideally located in Paris’ First arrondissement overlooking the border of the Place Vendôme, are the reasons that Chanel decided to open a Spa in the establishment. This will be Chanel’s first foray into skincare and beauty on its own. Until now, the beauty and skincare offerings have been available all over the world, but now, at the Chanel au Ritz Paris, they will not only be available to purchase; customers will enjoy the unique opportunity of specific beauty treatments using these iconic products.

Chanel’s first-ever spa will be in keeping with the luxury and sumptuousness that is the signature of both the hotel and the designer brand. In addition, Chanel has the unique opportunity of making customers more aware of their excellent skincare ranges, which are a best-kept secret that needs to be revealed. While devotees of the brand are aware of the exquisite range of fragrances and cosmetics, the skincare range will only now come to the fore.


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