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Apple Watches
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The Pinnacle watch takes luxury to a whole new level with its combination of two iconic timepieces, the Skyview and an Apple watch! Baroque Lifestyle has all the details


Boutique watch manufacturer Nico Gerard has created the ultimate on trend luxury timepiece – the Skyview, which is a savvy combo of Swiss precision that involves an automatic mechanical movement that takes six months to manufacture. But there’s an Apple Watch too, at the opposite end of the watchband. Perhaps it’s a bit of an irony, this marriage of techno wizardry by America’s Apple, and the exquisite Swiss workmanship that Nico Gerard is historically famous for.


Let’s start with the Pinnacle. It comes in three different styles, two of which are pretty much in line cost-wise with the top of the range Apple Watch, which sells for approximately $10,000. The first of these is the Nico Gerard Pinnacle, which has a metal bracelet and a black face. The Skyview Pinnacle is almost identical, but has a dark blue face. Only 99 of these watches have been made.


The third version, the 18-carat gold Sunrise Pinnacle which has a red dial. It is the most luxurious and boasts a price tag in the region of $112,000. Only 88 of these magnificent timepieces have been manufactured.


Then, of course, you have the Apple Watch at the other side of your wrist. The three pinnacle watches all come standard with a 38mm Apple smartwatch. So basically you’re wearing two separate watches simultaneously, offering you the ability to take advantage of all the Apple Watch has to offer, which includes being an iPhone on your wrist, with email, text messaging and everything in between.


Nico Gerard’s Pinnacle is a completely different story. This classic looking timepiece boasts a 41mm case, Swiss-made automatic movement, date indicator and its also water resistant to 100m.

The Apple watch comes in two Stainless steel variants as well as a special Gold Apple Watch Edition. The watches come with a three-year warranty.


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