2015 Rugby World Cup schedule

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The world is abuzz with all the action happening in the UK from 18 September all the way to the end of October, as different countries take to the field to show their mettle in the exciting 2015 Rugby World Cup. Baroque Travel has all the details


This year’s Rugby World Cup is organized by the Rugby World Cup Limited. There are 20 teams competing in all, 12 of which qualified by finishing in the top three places in their pools in the last World Cup which was held in 2011. The other eight teams qualified through regional competitions.


The list of teams in the 2015 World Cup is almost identical to the last one in 2011, except for one change – Uruguay will not play this year, as Russia has taken its place. This World Cup is also the first since 1987 with no new teams taking part.

The games are all taking place in the UK, and the Final will take place on 31 October at Twickenham Stadium in London. If you are visiting the UK in October, why not take advantage of being in the host country of this year’s Rugby World Cup?



Here is a list of the matches taking place this week and throughout October. Times are Greenwich Meantime:


Tuesday 29th September

                      4.45pm: Tonga vs Namibia (Pool C) – Sandy Park


Thursday 1st October

                      4.45pm: Wales vs Fiji (Pool A) – Millennium Stadium

                      8pm: France vs Canada (Pool D) Staddiummk


Friday 2nd October

                      8pm: New Zealand vs Georgia (Pool C) – Millennium Stadium


Saturday 3rd October

        2.30pm: Samoa vs Japan (Pool B) – Stadiummk

        4.45pm: South Africa vs Scotland (Pool B) – St James’ Park

        8pm: England vs Australia (Pool A) – Twickenham, London


Sunday 4th October

        2.30pm: Argentina vs Tonga (Pool C) – Leicester City Stadium

        4.45pm: Ireland vs Italy (Pool D) – Olympic Stadium


Tuesday 6th October

        4.45pm: Canada vs Romania (Pool D) – Leicester City Stadium

        8pm: Fiji vs Uruguay (Pool A) – Stadiummk


Wednesday 7th October

        4.45pm: South Africa vs USA (Pool B) – Olympic Stadium

        8pm: Namibia vs Georgia (Pool C) – Sandy Park


Friday 9th October

        8pm: New Zealand vs Tonga (Pool C) – St James’ Park


Saturday 10th October

        2.30pm: Samoa vs Scotland (Pool B) – St James’ Park

        4.45pm: Australia vs Wales (Pool A) – Twickenham, London

        8pm: England vs Uruguay (Pool A) –  Manchester City Stadium


Sunday 11th October

        12pm: Argentina vs Namibia (Pool C) – Leicester City Stadium

        2.30pm: Italy vs Romania (Pool D) – Sandy Park

        4.45pm: France vs Ireland (Pool D) – Millennium Stadium

        8pm: USA vs Japan (Pool B) – Kingsholm


Saturday 17th October

        4pm: Quarterfinals 1 Winner Pool B vs Runner-up Pool A – Twickenham, London

        8pm: Quarterfinals 2 Winner Pool C vs Runner-up Pool D – Millennium Stadium


Sunday 18th October

        1pm: Quarterfinals 3 Winner Pool D vs Runner-up Pool C – Millennium Stadium

        4pm: Quarterfinals 4 Winner Pool A vs Runner-up Pool B – Twickenham, London


Saturday 24th October

        4pm: Semi finals 1 Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 – Twickenham, London


Sunday 25th October

        4pm: Semi finals 2 Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4 –  Twickenham, London


Friday 30th October

        8pm: Bronze final Runner-up SF1 vs Runner-up SF2 – Olympic Stadium


Saturday 31st October

        8pm: Finals 2 Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 – Twickenham, London


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