Countdown to the opening of the Ritz in Paris

Hotel Ritz Paris
Hotel Ritz Paris
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Baroque Travel was one of those lucky enough to receive an email last week with details about the reopening of the legendary Ritz Hotel in Paris. While it still remains hush-hush, we will disclose some news about its opening


This week, the legendary Ritz Hotel in Paris sent out an email to media and past guests entitled: “Ritz Paris, the countdown has begun”. This is the first sign that the Ritz is getting ready to reopen its doors. Although the hotel remains tight lipped about the exact date of the opening, what is evident is that one can already make reservations to stay at this historic establishment, which has been closed for the past three years for complete refurbishment.

The luxurious Hôtel Ritz Paris closed its doors and said goodbye to some tearful regular guests as it prepared for extensive renovations. These have included meticulously refurbishing the hotel’s historic rooms and suites, including the magnificent suite where Coco Chanel lived for more than 30 years. Another iconic part of the hotel that has been restored to its former glory is the renowned Salon Proust, where privileged guests enjoyed the Ritz Paris’ legendary Afternoon Tea. The ever-popular terrace restaurant has been revamped to include a retractable roof, so that guests can dine on gourmet fare and sit on the terrace all year round.


Although everything that made the Hôtel Ritz Paris so famous in the first place will still be part of its legacy, and the building itself will still resemble the Hôtel Ritz Paris of old, the interior is expected to be much more modern. There will be a choice of restaurants (three in all) as well as three bars, including the historic Bar Hemingway. Of course, the rooms will now include every possible modern luxury, and the hotel has incorporated a tunnel to enable the rich and famous to come and go in privacy.

The historic Hôtel Ritz Paris allows guests to book rooms and suites starting on 14 March 2016. Rumor has it that dignitaries, the rich and famous plus previous guests will be able to reserve a room much earlier than that. But the date of the opening still remains a best-kept secret.


“The Legend Continues” announces the email, inviting guests to visit the ‘reborn’ Ritz Paris. “Now freshly restored, its grand décor and intimate salons welcome guests to rediscover a unique atmosphere and the inimitable French art de vivre,” it tells us. As Baroque Lifestyle reported earlier this year, Chanel will be opening an exclusive spa at the hotel, the luxury brand’s first foray into skincare and beauty treatments using Chanel’s iconic products. “The celebrated pool, fitness facilities and the new area, CHANEL au Ritz Paris, honor our tradition of offering deeply indulgent, restorative moments of relaxation,” the mail explains.


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