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Just in time for Christmas, German luxury brand Montblanc has launched a stunning collection of leather men’s accessories and a new edition of the xxx timepiece. Take a look…


Love it in leather


The Meisterstück Collection of leather men’s accessories features a stylish document case, briefcase, wallet, tote, coin case and card holder. Montblanc’s aim with this stunning new collection is to marry age-old traditions with the brand’s passion for the finest craftsmanship. And it looks like it’s going to be a winner.

Montblanc has taken a painting technique that was developed by legendary master Leonardo da Vinci and his followers during the Renaissance period and used it to treat the leather used in the Meisterstück collection. The technique, called ‘sfumato’ features fine shading and a delicate graduation of colors to create a unique special effect.

At the Montblanc head office in Pelletteria in Florence, master craftsmen used this specialized technique on extremely fine, soft calfskin leather to create an elegant patina. The process involved four layers of paint being applied lightly to each individual piece of leather to create the special finish and unique effect. As each piece of leather is delicately hand-painted before the item is assembled, every single Meisterstück bag, wallet and belt in the collection is itself a completely unique masterpiece.

During the process, four layers of paint were lightly applied to each individual piece of leather creating a special finish. This stunning collection is available in a choice of three hues – navy blue, rich brown and anthracite.

The Montblanc brand was founded in Germany in 1908 by Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein. The company is well-known for its exquisite pens and fine watchmaking.


Heritage Timepieces

Montblanc’s exclusive Heritage Chronométrie collection is renowned for the precision, design, function and style of its fine Swiss watchmaking. In time for the Festive Season, the brand presents two new models to its Heritage Chronométrie Collection, a chronograph with an annual calendar and a manufacture date complication. Initially launched earlier in 2015, the collection’s elegant line of timepieces was very well received. Its two new additions were also inspired by the legendary 15th Century explorer Vasco de Gama, whose quest for discovering new frontiers changed the course of history. The collection was also influenced by Montblanc’s Pythagore watches that were crafted in 1948 and were manufactured under the name of Minerva. These particular timepieces were famous for their precision timekeeping and the latest Montblanc collection pays tribute to the watchmakers of that time, their art, technical knowledge and creativity.


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