Luxury in Lombok

7 Secrets Resort Lombok
7 Secrets Resort Lombok
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The stunning 7 Secrets Resort & Retreat opened in Lombok, Indonesia, last week offering a luxurious and pampering getaway


This exclusive resort hotel offers every ingredient for the ideal luxe holiday, from a choice of just 24 stunning rooms and suites to the warmest welcome available. On arrival, guests enjoy a fresh fruit cocktail as well as a head, hand and shoulder massage. And only once you’re completely relaxed and refreshed, are you taken to your room, which has been prepared for you by your personal butler. It’s only upwards from there… the location is idyllic, right on a beautiful white sand beach, the views over the sea of Nipah Bay are breathtaking and the plush accommodation offers every pampering facility.

Each room and suite is exquisitely decorated in the traditional Indonesian style with modern contemporary furniture and a sumptuous en suite bathroom. There’s also a private Jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. Once you step out of your private haven, the resort is ready to astound. Enjoy stylish loungers by the poolside or on the beach, a state-of-the-art spa offering every imaginable beauty and wellness treatment and a diving center where you can practice breathing for diving and snorkeling to enjoy the magical underwater world surrounding the island.


The food is quite sublime and the bar menu is extensive, so dining here is a hedonist’s delight. Gastronomic dishes are prepared by a Michelin-starred chef and the resort itself is completely bespoke – guests can request anything and their wishes will be granted here. If you prefer to dine in private, your own private butler will ensure that every meal is a sensory pleasure in your suite.

 Gunung Rinjani Volcano, photo by Beautiful Placce in Indonesia

Gunung Rinjani Volcano, photo by Beautiful Placce in Indonesia

Nothing is done at half measure at this luxurious Lombok retreat – sightseeing is best enjoyed by helicopter. So if you’d like to explore the island, this is the best way to do it. One of the highlights of a visit to Lombok is discovering the Gunung Rinjani Volcano. You can also enjoy luxe sailing trips in an exclusive catamaran, exploring some of the little islands that have made Lombok so popular, including renowned Komodo Island, with its pink and white sand beaches. The island also boasts a famous resident, the Komodo Dragon, which is in fact a large species of lizard!

The resort is situated near two excellent golf clubs, making a stay here ideal for a golf aficionado. That’s just one of the many sports facilities available, including seaside water sports (from snorkeling and sailing to kayaks and windsurfs), not to mention scuba diving.


Many people will come to the resort specifically to enjoy its stunning 7 Secrets Spa, which offers a wide selection of holistic treatments to ensure guests can enjoy mental, spiritual and physical renewal. The spa also specializes in traditional Balinese massage plus nutrition advice and special detoxification programs.

The hotel has already been listed as one of the famous Small Luxury Hotels of the World, ensuring an unsurpassed luxury experience at one of Indonesia’s finest establishments.


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