St. Regis takes its traditional Bloody Mary to Moscow

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
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The refreshing cocktail, the Bloody Mary, was invented by Fernand Petiot at St Regis New York in 1934. The hotel group has made it a tradition to serve a Bloody Mary in all of its hotels, including the St Regis Moscow Nikoskaya. Baroque Lifestyle has all the details


Wherever you go in the world, you can enjoy an excellent Bloody Mary at a St Regis hotel. The recipe may differ according to the country’s customs and ingredients, but one thing is certain, you can enjoy a Bloody Mary there. The original Bloody Mary, nicknamed the Red Snapper, was originally only enjoyed by those who came to the St Regis New York.

But it wasn’t long before the cocktail became famous the world over, and the Bloody Mary has become a regular on every single bar and restaurant menu worldwide.


To remind the world just where this delicious drink first originated, the St Regis group of hotels offers the drink in every single one of its hotels around the globe. The latest hotel to offer a Bloody Mary is the St Regis Moscow Nikoskaya. At this plush establishment, the drink is called a Red Maria and its recipe infuses the flavors of fine Russian vodka. Of course, many of the ingredients from the original New York recipe still remain, but to make the Red Maria more authentically Russian, it’s infused with some beetroot juice and served with a side of baked beetroot chips and a mangold leaf.


 St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya, Presidential Suite

St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya, Presidential Suite

Of course, if you’re going to savor a Red Maria or two, we strongly recommend staying in the plush Moscow St Regis as well. Located in the nation’s capital, this St Regis property is located in a building that was originally constructed as a private residence for Count Orlov-Davydov in the 1870s. The hotel, which was established in 1904, has been magnificently restored to its previous glory and offers 210 exquisite, plush rooms and suites decorated in the Belle Epoque style, all with breathtaking views of the city.




With an idyllic location on NIkolskaya Street, which connects Lubyanka Square with Red Square, this plush hotel is within walking distance of most sightseeing attractions, including the famous Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theater, as well as luxury department stores GUM and TSUM.

Red Maria, courtesy of the The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya


7oz / 200ml tomato juice

2tsp / 10ml Worcestershire sauce

0.5oz / 15ml fresh lemon juice

5 shakes of Tabasco

4 shakes of ground black pepper

2 shakes of salt

2tbsp / 15gr of marinated horseradish

2tsp / 10ml of fresh beetroot juice

1.5oz / 40ml of premium Russian vodka


Combine tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, Tabasco, black pepper, salt and horseradish over ice and shake. Pour in a large tumbler glass filled with one large ice cube. Top gently with the Vodka-Beetroot mix to create two layers. Garnish with beetroot chips and one mangold leaf.

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