Super yachts Italian-style

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Italian super sports car manufacturer Bugatti has diversified into the super yacht business, after a recent collaboration with luxury yacht builders Palmer Johnson. Baroque Yachts has all the details

The new luxury yacht range by the fastest production super sports car manufacturer Bugatti and the world’s largest yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, is called the ‘Niniette’. This exclusive collection features three exquisite super yachts created using distinctive Bugatti design elements and advanced materials. Each is between 42 feet and 88 feet in length and each exclusive vessel is a one-of-a-kind super yacht that is quite superlative.

Palmer Johnson’s famous SuperSport series has been used as the inspiration for the shape of the hull, and the yacht builder’s two-tone paint is another signature feature. These sailing vessels have also been inspired by Bugatti’s Type 57 C Atalante and Type 41 Royale classic cars as well as the brand’s more cutting edge modern vehicles.

The side of the yachts feature a blend of extremely strong and lightweight titanium and dark blue exposed carbon fibre, and the decks feature a combination of maple, brown bubinga or natural blue morta oak wood. Each of the super yachts has a top speed of 38 knots (that’s 43 miles per hour) and the interiors are custom-made to each owner’s requirements.

Both Bugatti and Palmer Johnson are iconic brands with more than a century’s experience in manufacturing top of the range products in their fields. Both brands are innovative and cutting edge, with expertise in outstanding lightweight design. The result is a collection of exquisite, elegant super yachts, each a masterpiece of craftsmanship carved from carbon fiber, precious wood and titanium. Yes, each of these vessels is a masterpiece in its own right, a bespoke thing of beauty.


Of course, the Bugatti/Palmer Johnson ‘Niniette’ range will not come cheap. We’re talking of prices that start from $2.2 million. The PJ63 Niniette starts from approximately $3.6 million. Production time for all three models (the other two are the PJ452 Niniette and the PJ88 Niniette respectively) is approximately one year.

Palmer Johnson started off building wooden boats in 1918 before turning its hand to major championship vessels and sports yachts, including its signature SuperSport series. The firm is currently based in Monaco and is renowned for manufacturing luxury super yachts.

Interestingly enough, Bugatti’s founder, Milan-born Ettore Bugatti used to manufacture racing boats and yachts in the 1930s. So it should come as no surprise that, almost a century later, the company, which is based in Alsace, France, is once again diversifying into the yacht business. The vehicles manufactured by Bugatti are renowned for being very ahead of their time and many of its classic cars are amongst the most valuable in the world. The firm is most famous for the production sports car it created which is the most powerful and fastest ever built. Called the Veyron, the 450 produced remain unmatched in terms of performance and exclusivity. Bugatti is currently working on its next sports car, the Chiron, which will premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2016.


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