Christian Louboutin’s stunning men’s shoes

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin
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Famous French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has been creating stylish footwear for fashionable men with impeccable taste since 2010. And now he plans to make men’s shoes as popular as those he creates for their female counterparts. Baroque Lifestyle has the lowdown


Up until now, Christian Louboutin has been more renowned for his women’s shoes, particularly magnificent stiletto shoes, each boldly emblazoned with a signature red-lacquered sole. Those women in the know, and those who can afford them, purchase as many of his exquisite shoes as they can. It makes sense that the shoe designer, whose creations are so coveted, should be fond of shoes himself. In fact, he apparently owns in the region of 400 pairs of shoes, which are scattered around the world in his various homes, in Cairo, Lisbon and Paris. In addition, some of his favourites are duplicated so that they don’t wear out.

With the same meticulous attention to detail used in creating his masterpieces, Louboutin’s own collection is organized according to style, colour and fabric.


In 2010, Louboutin decided to take his passion for men’s shoes and create some footwear for men himself. For the past five years he has concentrated on beautifully made dress shoes, or ‘city shoes’ as he calls them. These shoes have been handcrafted by 50 cobblers in a tiny workshop located just outside of Naples in Italy. These artisans are craftsmen whose families have been in the business for generations.

In 2015, Louboutin worked alongside these expert cobblers to ensure that they create exactly what he wanted for his latest collection. Each model is a classic shape bearing Louboutin’s signature unique details such as a colourful trim, grosgrain or patent leather, not to mention an extremely comfortable fit. He also plans to offer bespoke shoes in 2017.


Christian Louboutin’s shoes are renowned for their perfect balance, proportion and stylish finish. He has taken his passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail and used it in the new men’s wear collection, too, evident in models with names like the Derby and the lace-up Napoli, both of which were originally introduced in 2013, but have since been updated.

In addition to his collection of ‘dress styles’, Louboutin has decided to include a more whimsical collection that will offer velvet, spiked and beaded sneakers for those who are looking for the perfect casual shoe.

Since he unveiled his first men’s shoe collection in 2010, Louboutin has expanded not only the range and collection, but also the way in which he makes the shoes bespoke. A few years ago he began embroidering special personal tattoos on owners’ velvet or leather loafers. And did we mention that, like his women’s shoes, the men’s dress shoes also boast red-lacquered soles?


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