A touch of France in NYC

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A taste of France in the middle of Manhattan? You betcha! Joining the ranks of Chanel, L’Occitane and fabulous Ladurée is French footwear brand Repetto! Baroque Lifestyle has all the details


 A stack of Ladurée's Cassis violette (black currant) macarons, photo by  Bon Appétit 

A stack of Ladurée’s Cassis violette (black currant) macarons, photo by  Bon Appétit 

You don’t visit Paris without savoring a few melt-in-the-mouth Ladurée macarons, dainty delicacies that are made of two macaron shells joined with a delicious ganache filling. The most popular ones in the city are the originals, created in the mid-20th Century by Pierre Desfontaines, whose stores are now legendary. Of course, the popularity of Ladurée has spread, and you can now find these delectable delights in other international cities around the world, including New York!


 Ladurée SoHo store, photo by What We Like NYC

Ladurée SoHo store, photo by What We Like NYC

The SoHo store opened on 4 February a year ago, and has proved to be just as popular as its French counterparts. Of course, it isn’t located on the Champs Elysees, but presidents of the US branch, Elisabeth and Pierre Holder Raberin have made sure that the local branch is as authentic as its French big sister.

 Brunch at Ladurée, photo by La Maison Maille 

Brunch at Ladurée, photo by La Maison Maille 

Ladurée is not only a shop selling French patisserie, it’s also a tea salon and a restaurant. Decorated in a typical old world Parisian style, the store is a delight to visit, and its offerings are a heady reminder of why French cuisine is so revered.


Joining Ladurée on the strip is French ballet shoe store, Repetto, renowned all over the world for its stunning ballet flats. The brand, which was founded in 1947 when designer Rose Repetto made the first pair of shoes for her choreographer son, is currently the official supplier of footwear for the French National Opera as well as numerous other ballet companies worldwide.

Everybody loves ballet shoes, and it wasn’t long before Repetto started producing classic ballet-inspired flats for the rest of us. Seeing elegant Parisian women don their Repettos on Paris’ pavements got the rest of the world talking, and since then, many of the designs have become iconic, including the Cendrillon, first designed for actress Brigitte Bardot, and the stunning Zizi loafer, which French pianist, singer, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg once favored.


Until now, those of us in the US who hankered after the fabulous Repetto brand had to order them online or visit Europe. But not anymore. Repetto’s first standalone store in the US opened in SoHo late last year, making the entire range available to US customers.

The shop has been designed to resemble a ballet studio, complete with bares against the walls and thick red velvet curtains in the dressing rooms. Music from classical ballets plays constantly to get customers in the mood. Not that the brand needs any prodding. Men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, including the cutest baby slippers,  are all available for purchase, not to mention fragrance, clothing and studio-inspired ballet gear and other garments that evoke the world of ballet. Currently the store’s highlight is a spot where you can customize your own Repetto shoes, choosing the fabric, color, laces and decorative charms.

Repetto’s latest collection, for Spring/Summer 2016 is named ‘Detroit’ as it was inspired by the Detroit Opera House. Interestingly enough, it features high heeled shoes as well as flats.

Repetto is at 400 West Broadway, next door to Ladurée and around the corner from L’Occitane and Chanel, so you can get the full Paris experience within just a few small blocks in SoHo.



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