Luxury smartphones still exist

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Believe it or not, luxury in the technology field still exists. And we’re talking about smartphones that will set you back much more than a million dollars


Let’s take a look at what a billionaire is prepared to pay for a luxury smart phone. In 2013, the designer Stuart Hughes took the iPhone 5 and recreated it into a masterpiece that was solid 24 carat gold, inlaid with more than 500 diamonds including a flawless black diamond. The price? £10 million – that’s $14.2 million!

Let’s take a look at the most luxurious smartphone makers in Hampshire in the UK, called Vertu. They initially started out as a boutique brand for Nokia, but in 2002, the first Vertu handset, called the Signature was launched.

A Vertu handset is expensive. For instance, if you want the Signature Red Gold Black DLC, it will set you back in the region of$33,000. The DLC in the name actually stands for ‘Diamond-like Carbon coating, which is what is used on Formula 1 car engines, to give you an idea of why the smartphone has such a hefty price tag.

Interestingly enough, Vertu smartphones don’t compete with other smart phones. The designers are far more interested in making them resemble a luxury vehicle than a luxury smart phone. The phones also boast numerous features not found on other smart phones, such as 18-carat gold styling, sapphire keys and ringtones that were recoreded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Vertu smart phone owners also have access to a 24-hour a day concierge service as well as a ‘dedicated personal lifestyle manager” not to mention access to various prestigious clubs worldwide and numerous high profile events.

The latest model of the Signature Touch (prices for this range from around $9,260) does offer everything you would expect from a high-end smart phone, including a 5.2 inch display that is protected by sapphire crystal and a 21-megapixel camera.

If you were looking for something a little less expensive in the Vertu range, you could choose the Aster, around $5600, instead, which boasts luxury leather and exotic skins such as a bright pink ostrich iteration and would fit in perfectly with a high-end designer handbag.

What sets Vertu apart is that the brand doesn’t expect owners to update the model on an annual basis. In fact, many customers are still using their first devices that they purchased in 2002 and have had refurbished. To Vertu, luxury is the personal relationship you have with a product. And its customers seem to agree. All of them are millionaires, and many of them are multi-millionaires. And every single one of them has an emotional relationship with their smart phone.

To those people, their smart phone is as valuable and cherished as their car and every other product that defines their lifestyle.


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