The most luxurious cruise holiday in the world

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
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If you have the money (we’re talking $1.45 million), then this is the ultimate bucket list holiday. Baroque Travel has all the details


New on the market, and costing a hefty £1 million (or $1.45 million), is an extraordinary 63-night voyage of discovery that includes three unforgettable voyages on board three luxury cruises, seven flights on a state-of-the-art Gulfstream 550 private jet, six tours in different destinations around the world plus seven ultra-luxury hotel stays in major cities including Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Abu Dhabi, Bali and Hong Kong.


No holiday has ever been this luxurious, or this expensive. Cruises on the million dollar-plus holiday are on board three different Celebrity Cruise ships – Solstice, Constellation and Millennium – staying in either a Royal or Penthouse Suite and enjoying the services of a private butler. The cruises offer an unsurpassed level of accommodation, including a separate living area with a grand piano, private veranda with whirlpool and lounge chairs. The first cruise will take passengers from Auckland to Sydney, the second from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai and back, and the third is a round trip from Hong Kong to Vietnam.


Throughout the tour, passengers are chauffeur-driven at all times when not on board the ship or flying on one of the world’s fastest, most spacious twin-engined jets. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences include an elephant safari in Bali, swimming with dolphins in Dubai and seeing Sydney from a different perspective, from a helicopter.


This exciting voyage of discovery starts with a private flight from London to Auckland, New Zealand. It includes visits to 11 different countries over the 63 nights before returning to London in a private jet from Hong Kong.


Although the world has experienced economic difficulties, this has not affected the super rich, which is why such a magnificent holiday has been put together. Those who can afford it are still traveling extensively, and enjoy superlative luxury experiences, visiting exotic destinations around the globe. This cruise enables the super rich to explore the world in the most luxurious – and glamorous – way possible.


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