Toast to the Town: Baroque Access Hosts Louis XIII Legacy Experience in Manhattan

Hicham Enhaili
Hicham Enhaili
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Event-planning collaboration between Baroque Access and Rémy-Martin Louis XIII offers elegance to outlast the night


Baroque Access, the elite concierge service division of luxury lifestyle management firm the Baroque Group, has partnered with Rémy-Martin’s exclusive Louis XIII cognac brand for the second year in a row to host the Louis XIII Legacy Experience on Friday, April 1, 2016. The evening was once again a resounding success for both the companies and their guests.

Hosted in a beautiful triplex mansion on Duane Street in Tribeca, NY, the evening began with a cocktail reception during which the guests of the evening, including ambassador Paolo Zampolli and his wife Amanda Ungaro, founding designer of L’Observatoire Hervé Descottes, fashion photographer Antoine Verglas, independent luxury retail specialist June Haynes, managing partner Shad Azimi of Vanterra Capital, Alby Tubilla, Kiera Chaplin, Alessia Sushko, Dr. Harrison Chen, Andrea Fiocchi, Sarah Tallent, and some twenty further luminaries mingled, sipped, and enjoyed canapés beneath the soaring thirty-foot roof with an open view of the Manhattan skyline at their backs.

Before the guests sat down to dinner, managing director of the Baroque Group Hicham Enhaili gave a speech in which he spoke in praise of the companies’ partnerships and of Baroque’s own growth over the year. The Baroque Group encompasses six divisions dedicated to all aspects of travel and leisure: Baroque Access, Baroque Travel, Baroque Villas, Baroque Aviation, Baroque Yachts, and Baroque Ground, as well as their trendspotting magazine Baroque Lifestyle. Each of the divisions possesses a singular focus that allows them both to operate independently and to work together to create exceptional journeys that are—in keeping with the spirit of the night—truly experiences rather than simple trips. Addressed to a roomful of high-profile clients and friends to both the Baroque Group and Louis XIII, Mr. Enhaili’s speech acted as a promise of further exceptional standard-setting in the year to come, which will find the New York-based company opening offices in London and Dubai.

A sit-down three-course tasting menu dinner followed downstairs, prepared by Chef Jonathan Weitzmann. At last, the guests were ushered into a private back room, where the true Legacy Experience was held. Beginning with a keynote speech by Louis XIII Ambassador Philippe Vasilescu and concluding with the display of a four-hundred-year-old barrel cask used to age the cognac, the presentation offered a comprehensive overview of Louis XIII’s history and methodology. Then at last the crown jewel of the evening: the tasting of the cognac itself in its trademark Baccarat bottle. Credited as the finest spirit in the world, Louis XIII is Rémy-Martin’s most exclusive product, a blend of over a thousand eaux-de-vie aged for up to a century through generation after generation of Cellar Masters.

The event was presented with the collaboration of several other notable Baroque Group partners, including the Rosewood Group, the Edition, and the Monaco Government Tourism Office.

Louis XIII and Baroque Access share a core belief in the cultivation of luxury as an experience, not merely a collection of things to buy. Their annual Legacy Experience celebrates that common ground. Two companies that already set the bar high for performance and excellence made it clear to their guests that they will continue to aim above and beyond expectations in the year to come.





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