7 Pines Resort to open in Ibiza

7 Pines Resort
7 Pines Resort
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The island of Ibiza remains the go-to destination for the summer in the Mediterranean, and, need we even say it, the place to party. And now there’s a new superlative luxury resort to escape to – 7 Pines Resorts Ibiza


So if you’re interested in escaping to paradise come summer 2016, 7 Pines Resorts is an excellent option. This brand new resort is literally at the top of its game when it comes to luxury, service and pampering. So if you love the place so much that you can’t wait to return, you can also make an investment in one of the resort’s residential units. Not only will the unit be yours to return to for two weeks during the summer (May to October), but it can be rented out by the resort vendor for the rest of the year to generate some income.


7 Pines Resort is a Premium Hotel offering exclusivity as well as luxe. It sprawls over 56,000 square meters at the top of dramatic cliffs with the magnificent Mediterranean and the island of Es Vedra as its backdrop. Located above Cala Conta Beach, in the southwestern part of the island, 7 Pines Resort Ibiza offers a choice of three villas, 42 suites and 160 apartments, accommodating a maximum of 500 guests. Some of the holiday properties also offer private plunge pools and spacious terraces.


The design of the resort is quite spectacular; Madrid-based architects Arditecnica took the island’s natural beautiful surroundings into account when creating the resort. All of the accommodation features exquisite furniture, some of which was handcrafted especially for the resort, with light wooden accents and natural stone floors. The en suite marble bathrooms are spacious and sumptuous.

One of the resort’s signature landmarks is its exquisite infinity pool that also offers a sunken bar, not to mention breathtaking sea views. Spa facilities are numerous, including saunas, steam room, a rainforest room, ice grotto and floating wellness beds. And the treatments on offer are too many to mention, including massages, Ayurveda and detox treatments.


And then there’s the resort’s two excellent in-house restaurants, which serve traditional Balearic Island dishes as well as other Spanish options with an ultra-modern twist.

Guests enjoy a variety of fun activities, including cycling tours, diving classes, a selection of water sports, yoga on the cliff top and workout sessions with a personal trainer. And did we mention that the resort has its very own planetarium? Or that guests can enjoy underwater photography classes? Let’s not forget that you can travel in the 7 Pines speedboat to the neighboring island of Formentera if you’d like to explore. Or go fishing in the resort’s yacht! It’s all there waiting for you to enjoy…


Of course, Ibiza’s many fun parties await, and the resort is the ideal place to restore your energy after dancing the night away.


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