The first carbon fiber Apple Watch in the world

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Created by an association of French artists and engineers, the latest Apple watch iteration is a hi-tech, luxury carbon fibre version, created from premium raw materials and with a sleek finish. Baroque Access has all the details


French design firm Feld & Volk is a group of artists and engineers who are famous for creating extraordinary products. They use popular items and make them unique. Their latest stunning creation is a customized, modified carbon fiber Apple Watch. Of course, carbon fiber is a premium raw material so this particular watch will cost a pretty penny. In addition, there is a lot of detail involved in the modified design that, rumor has it, will retail in excess of $5,200.


The watch, which is the first carbon fiber Apple Watch in the world, has two types of carbon fiber on its back panel. The material was customized using precision machinery and then manually treated to create the effect the designers required. The result? The watch’s back panel is a complicated array of carbon patterns, an extremely elegant and sophisticated finish for this innovative smart watch.


This is not the first Apple product that Feld & Volk have re-designed. In fact, they have restyled various Apple devices. Their most recent re-design was the new iPhone 6S, which they encased in carbon fiber… and now they have done the same to the Apple Watch.

The watch’s new casing is made up of a single piece of carbon fiber. The material extends to the watch button as well as a part of the watch’s crown.


The Apple smart watch already has a reputation for being both fashionable and functional ­ to the extent that Hermes has recently added more colors to the series of single and double watch straps they have created for their version of the Apple watch. The carbon fiber on this new design makes the timepiece extremely luxurious; it’s in a completely different level from being a tech accessory. Although the Apple Watch has had carbon fiber casings before, this is the first time that the actual housing is made of this extremely strong and lightweight material.

Of course, prospective buyers may well decide to buy the carbon fiber Apple Watch to match their iPhone 6, a unique phone with a high price tag of $5,600.

Feld & Volk has a reputation worldwide for modifying luxury gadgets and taking them to the next level. Their unique products are available exclusively in select concept stores.


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