The most exquisite luggage set in the world

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If you’re planning a road trip in your Rolls Royce Wraith, or just want the most exquisite luggage for your travel adventures this summer, why not pamper yourself with the Rolls Royce bespoke luggage set? Baroque Access has all the details


Let’s face it, whether you’re taking your Rolls Royce Wraith for a spin this weekend and need a weekender bag, or are planning a longer summer vacation with or without your beloved vehicle, you need a set of luggage to match the car, and the occasion. For this reason, luxury British vehicle manufacturer Rolls-Royce has created six magnificent pieces of luggage, the Wraith Luggage Collection, which comprises two ‘Grand Tourer’ suitcases, three ‘Long Weekender” bags and a Garment Carrier. Of course, each piece reflects Rolls-Royce’s “unparalleled design aesthetics” (according to the manufacturer) and have been created using the latest technologies combined with traditional techniques and crafts. The result is an elegant, very contemporary luggage set.


Designed by the brand’s Bespoke Design Studio to complement the Rolls Royce vehicles on the road right now, each of these magnificent luggage pieces can be completely personalized to suit the owner. So if you wish for a bespoke set of luggage that has identical thread in its leather to your Rolls-Royce, you’ll get it. And anything else you might possibly wish for.

Owners of a Rolls-Royce Wraith will be delighted to know that this bespoke luggage set fits perfectly into the vehicle’s trunk. Of course, owning such a luxurious set of personalized luggage will set you back. But if you can afford a Rolls-Royce Wraith, (which sell for approximately $300,000) it’s unlikely you’ll be phased by the price, which retails in the region of almost $46,000 for all six pieces. Now if you consider that you could purchase a really good entry level car for around $40,000, that’s a pretty sum. But don’t despair – you can also purchase the items separately and not in a set, if you prefer.


When creating this superlative luggage set, the designers asked the experts to assist. And by experts we mean those who will handle the luggage the most, which is the staff and not the owners of the pieces. As a result, the entire collection is extremely functional. Of course, the design team doesn’t just sit around creating suitcases all day. They are the people who customize each Rolls-Royce to the customer’s specifications. Which is why they are happy to customize the bags in any way possible, which includes single or two-tone colors to match the owner’s car.


To give you an idea of the exclusivity of the Wraith Luggage Collection, the bags are made from carbon fiber to ensure they are durable and lightweight, and wrapped in hand-stitched leather, sewn using the same color thread found in the interior of the Wraith. Each bag boasts the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ figurine of a flying lady and the centers of the wheels have the brand’s double R emblem. 


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