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This summer, Maserati will bring exclusive Master Driving Courses to the United States for the first time. Baroque Ground has all the details

If you live in Florida, New Jersey or California, or in the vicinity, you can enjoy the thrill of driving luxury Maserati vehicles as well as the unique experience of learning professional driver racing standards in these all-wheel drive sport sedans. Maserati is offering the thrill of roaring around the race track on a featured course to an exclusive selection of drivers.


The luxury Italian vehicle manufacturer offers Master Maserati GT 1-day programs to drivers to improve their skills on the road as well as to hone circuit-driving techniques behind the wheel of a luxury Maserati on a curated set of tailor-made courses. To assist, Maserati’s North America product specialists will be on site to assist drivers and give them insight into the engineering prowess and craftsmanship of the spectacular track-prepared fleet of sports-inspired GTs and sedans.


Maserati is renowned for their two and four-door luxury vehicles, all spacious and handcrafted and offering thoroughbred performance. Drivers will be able to choose from the brand’s flagship Quattroporte and Ghibli sport sedans or one of Maserati’s sportier models, the GranTurismo. All will offer the brand’s signature extraordinary driving experience.


Dedicated to those with busy schedules who only have one day available, the Master GT 1 Day offers an opportunity to experience the Maserati world, familiarize yourself with these spectacular vehicles and perfect your on-track driving technique in absolute safety. The advice passed on by the tutors and the on-circuit training experience will make your on-road driving safer and more effective, honing the skills you need to successfully manage emergency situations.

Master GT 1 Day is organized to offer an educational process supported by the experience and skill of a specialized staff. They are on hand to increase understanding and ensure full use of the Maserati models’ technology and performance. They will also assist in improving participants’ personal driving skills in an enjoyable and challenging context.


Participants: 21 per course, divided into 3 or 4 groups of 6 to 8 participants each.
Event duration: 1 day on Track. The cost per driver is $2,800. This includes one day on the track, insurance, lunch at the circuit and Maserati gifts. If you wish, you can take a non-driving companion with you for an additional fee of $300, which includes insurance, access to the circuit, lunch at the circuit and Maserati gifts. 


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