Luxury vacations in the Arctic

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Enjoy a luxury vacation in the Arctic Circle under the Northern Lights. Let Baroque Travel arrange this unique experience for you, with every luxury thrown in for good measure


Until recently, exploring the Arctic involved adventure and action, but very little luxury. But these days you can enjoy an adventure into the Arctic Circle and still be pampered with every possible luxury facility. The northern-most area of the world has become an extremelysought-after destination, and as many prefer to be pampered in style on vacation, especially when the temperature is low, traveling to this exciting location has become a luxury option, too.


So you can have your taste of adventure, but you don’t need to miss out on spoils, either. Luxury arctic safaris are the latest trend, expeditions where adventurous travelers get to enjoy various activities, including dog sledding, whale watching, experiencing the magic of the Northern Lights and camping on excellent, exclusive guided trips that are also sumptuous.

Of course, depending on the level of luxury you would like, the length of the trip and the area, your arctic adventure could cost you anything from $5,000 to more than $110,000.


The Arctic Circle is an area comprising the five most northern latitude circles on earth. And they are also extremely cold, with temperatures reaching below minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit in January. However, the breathtaking views, especially of the vast open white landscape and the spectacular Northern Lights, are what makes an adventure in this part of the world so popular. Nowhere else on earth can you see the likes of what you will see in the Arctic, and if you’re prepared to pay for luxury, you can enjoy the extraordinary terrain and characteristics on offer in utmost comfort on an arctic safari expedition.


From the moment you’re picked up by the group leaders, you’ll be transported in safe, luxury SUVs or equivalent, to enjoy a variety of expeditions and adventures, including snowmobiling. If you like, you can even be provided with proper thermal gear that is designed for freezing temperatures.

Accommodation is superlative, usually in luxury cabins, igloos or tepees, complete with furs and candles, with champagne a priority! You may be in the middle of nowhere, but you’ll enjoy five star luxury and comfort wherever you are. Dining is as sumptuous, and the variety of activities as adventurous and active as you wish.


A highlight of a visit to the Arctic is the magnificent Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights – and if you’re lucky enough to visit the Arctic at the right time of the year, you can sleep, dine, and embark on adventures 24 hours a day under this strange light! And in May, which is the summer in the Arctic Circle, they enjoy 24 hours of sunshine… need we say more?


Popular activities in the Arctic include going on safari – seriously. Nothing beats whale watching, sitting on a little boat with a vast whale swimming nearby. Other safari activities include viewing arctic foxes, wolves and reindeer.

The more adventurous can even stay in a log cabin in the North Pole, which they reach either by skiing, helicopter or dog sled.


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