Mercedes unveils new luxury golf cart

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Trust luxury brand Mercedes Benz to come up with the most luxurious golf cart ever to hit the fairways! Baroque Ground has all the details


Mercedes-Benz is renowned for offering luxury on the road, but now it’s going off-road with its latest iteration, a luxurious new concept golf cart that could up a golfer’s game to an entirely new level.


As can be expected, the little vehicle has all the bells and whistles. The interior is made of leather, metal and wood, and there’s even a refrigerator under the seat to ensure you always have something to quench your thirst during a long game. The golf cart also boasts a touch screen display that shows the driver all the information necessary, including a map of the golf course, weather information, and the speed with which the cart is traveling, which is a maximum of 19 miles per hour.


The German luxury vehicle manufacturer’s golf cart is named the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car, the brand’s inspiration of a sensually pure electric golf cart. Once Mercedes had designed these four horsepower golf carts, they were built by Danish golf cart manufacturer Garia. Initially only two of the golf carts have been made. Now Mercedes will wait to see golfers’ reactions to their super-luxury cart, and if there are sufficient potential buyers, the golf cart will go into production.

You may only be able to travel up to 19 miles per hour, but the little cart has every possible luxury installed, including turn signals, brake lights – everything necessary to use the cart on the links, as well as on road where necessary on the course. Aside from the fridge we already mentioned, there’s also a special storage tray located under the dashboard for golf balls, as well as other storage areas specifically designed for glasses and bottles.


Of course, there’s more… as can be expected, considering that Mercedes-Benz received important input from car lovers and golf lovers alike. What really sets this little golf cart apart from all the others on the links at present is the materials used to manufacture it. Its roof is made from expensive carbon fiber, and there’s also a carbon fiber air diffuser on the back of the cart, possibly a light, humorous touch suggesting aerodynamics used in performance cars.

The cart’s front ‘grill’ does have a touch of the Mercedes Benz vehicle about it, but this one boasts the texture of a golf ball. The electric motor produces just four horsepower, or three kilowatts; it can actually put out as much as 11 kilowatts, or 15 horsepower for short periods – if necessary. The maximum driving range on a single charge is in the region of 50 miles.


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