Just in – Aston Martin’s AM-RB 001, the fastest hypercar ever!

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The brand new Aston Martin AM-RB 001 is faster than a Formula One vehicle. Baroque Ground finds out all about this new breed of hypercar!


A unique collaboration between British luxury vehicle brand Aston Martin and the Formula One team, this stunning hypercar project is ambitious, uncompromising and quite extraordinary! Combining the skills of racing experts with the expertise of luxury vehicle manufacture has resulted in a road car that is unlike anything that has come before it.


The two-seater Aston Martin AM-RB 001 is built around a lightweight carbon fiber structure and offers extremely radical aerodynamics. The minds behind this marvel are Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer for Red Bull Racing, David King, Vice President of Aston Martin and the brand’s Chief Special Operations Manager, as well as Marek Reichman, EVP at Aston Martin and the brand’s Chief Technical Officer.

Manufactured at Aston Martin’s purpose-built facility at Gaydon, the result is a breathtaking, dramatic design that is uncompromising in every aspect. Aside from pushing boundaries when it comes to performances, the new Aston Martin hypercar is exceptionally efficient and beautiful to boot. Boasting a V12 engine, it’s light and compact, but still offers great comfort and space for both driver and passenger. It’s a true road car that is also capable of extreme on track performance, a hypercar that will definitely change the way road cars are perceived.


Of course, something this exclusive and unique doesn’t come cheap. At £2.5m (US$3.3m) this road-legal vehicle, which is claiming to be the fastest car in the world, is a steal. Aston Martin, which is also launching another vehicle, the DB11, in 2016, describes it as “the ultimate of all road cars”. A limited edition of between 99 and 150 vehicles will be built, including 25 track-only versions that will boast the performance of an LMP1 Le Mans racing car. It is most likely to be compared to the McLaren F1 created in 1994 – this was the first road car that was built completely out of carbon fiber, designed by Formula One designer Gordon Murray. At the time it was the most expensive and the fastest car of its kind. However, there is a difference between this car and the Aston Martin AM-RB 001 – the McLaren F1 was purely a road car, whilst Aston Martin’s latest creation will be designed primarily for use on the track, although it will also be comfortable for use on the road.

The unique AM-RB 001 will be ready for delivery in 2018.


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