Chanel goes extra small

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Launching in September, the newest and smallest of Chanels’s cult J12 ceramic watch, the J12 XS. Baroque Access has all the details…


In stores from the end of August 2016, is French luxury designer brand Chanel’s latest timepiece, the J12 XS. The name of the watch, according to Women’s Wear Daily, who were the first to announced the new timepiece, is a play on words, as ‘XS’ stands for ‘Extra Small’ as well as the word ‘excess’.

This exclusive timepiece will be available in four boutique iterations. It will be available in black or white, on either a slim patent leather calfskin strap that can be worn on its own or over a matching exclusive calfskin cuff. Alternatively the watch can be worn over black lambskin fingerless gloves from Causse – a limited edition of 150 pieces have been created at a price of $7,550 a pair, This particular exclusive creation is inspired by Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, who is rarely seen without his signature gloves.


There is also a large cuff version comprising six slim black patenet leather steraps that are mounted with the watch dial and mobile steel loops set with diamonds. The final version is one of 12 one-of-a-kind Chanel jewelry options, and the prices for these range between $10,000 and $105,000. These include a ring iteration priced at $35,000 – something James Bond would be proud of.

Lesage, the company that is responsible for creating some of Chanel’s watch dials, is responsible for hand-decorating cuffs with sequins and glass beads to simulate the look of different leathers. These magnificent cuff watches will be available for $38,000 each.


Chanel unveiled these exclusive masterpieces in New Yorkon 19 July and will also showcase its newest timepieces in South Korea, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong this month. Its official press launch will be in Paris from 8 to 13 September, once the XS collection is already on sale.

The iconic J12 watch is regularly updated by Chanel. This exquisite masterpiece was the creation of the brand’s late artistic director Jacques Helleu, who launched the watch in 1999. It is renowned for being mysterious, impervious to passing trends and a symbol of the Chanel brand.


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