Cocktails, French couture and a luxury London stay

Café Royal Hotel
Café Royal Hotel
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London’s sumptuous Café Royal Hotel is collaborating with French design house Givenchy to create 10 new cocktails in honour of L’Atelier de Givenchy fine fragrances. Baroque Access finds out all about it

The luxury Café Royal Hotel is already renowned for offering guests exclusive cocktails in its vibrant Green Bar. And now 10 brand new couture cocktails are being added to the menu in collaboration with Parfums Givenchy to celebrate the brand’s L’Atelier de Givenchy fine fragrances, especially the latest perfume in the collection – Iris Harmonique.

All 10 of these magnificent fragrance creations are available exclusively at Harrod’s in London, and the hotel’s famous Green Bar will offer the 10 corresponding couture cocktails from 22 August to the end of September 2016, at a price of just under $20 each (£15 in local currency).


The 10 unique cocktails were created by the Green Bar’s manager Derren King and inspired by the Green Bar’s celebration of botanicals. King has combined the world of fragrance and flavor to create these cocktails, working closely with the House of Givenchy to use their detailed perfume notes. The result is a range of tipples, from fresh, summery floral concoctions to headier and more full-bodied drinks. Each is paired with its own distinctive garnishes and glassware.

The Café Royal has a fascinating history and its guests include numerous bohemian intellectuals who frequented the Green Bar. The bar has already gained a reputation for using botanicals in producing gin and also in its mixology and is famous for crafting cocktails that celebrate the character of each individual type of gin, garnished individually to complete the experience.

In the new Givenchy cocktail collection, each cocktail has its own distinct color, as well as a unique taste and personality. It reflects the key fragrance notes that are unique to each of the 10 perfumes. King has highlighted the strong link between scent and taste. Guests will be able to experience the fragrances, too, as they will be kept behind the bar so that they can choose their preferred cocktail. The bartenders will explain each fragrance and the individual cocktail that has been designed with it in mind. Each cocktail will also be served with a scented button created especially by Givenchy for this exclusive collaboration.


The couture cocktail menu includes the summery ‘Chypre Caresse’, which is a delightfull mix of Slingsby London Dry Gin with exotic aromas of freshly squeezed grapefruit, agave syrup and Peychauds Bitters, topped with Prosecco and Maraschino. There’s also Oud Flamboyant, with hints of light smoke and honeycomb and woody nuances of Nikka Coffey Grain whisky, coconut black iced tea, Manuka honey and flash-flamed cinnamon. The highlight of the collection is the latest Givenchy fragrance, Iris Harmonique – the cocktail has the same name as the fragrance and includes key elements of its fragrance notes. It is a refreshing combination of coconut-infused Ketel One Vodka, kumquat liqueur and lemon zest.

All 10 Givenchy cocktails can also be prepared alcohol-free.



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