Customize your brand new iPhone 7

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As iPhone 7 launches this week on 25 August, you’d better get your order in for your customized gold, platinum, rose gold or diamond-encrusted smartphone. Baroque Access has all the details


Sure, the brand new iPhone 7 is going to be a coveted item for the next while after it launches on 25 August. But if you have a customized new Apple iPhone, it’s going to be even more luxe. If sales of the iPhone 6s are anything to go by, when more than 13 million products were sold within the first three days of the launch, the new iPhone 7 is going to be a force to be reckoned with. And if yours is a cut above the rest, a 24 carat gold iPhone 7 for instance, you’re certainly going to stand out from the crowd.


Goldgenie is the company responsible for creating customized smartphones for those who can afford it, and when it comes to the new iPhone 7, pre-orders are already pouring in. There are plenty of requests for the Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum and diamond-encrusted iPhone 7s, all enhancing what is already a very prized accessory. In fact, word has it that when it comes to these super-luxe pieces, they’re expected to sell out before the demand has been met, making this smartphone the best-selling Apple iPhone to date.


This new Apple smartphone’s reputation already preceeds it. New design features include an oblong-shaped camera in the plus-sized version of the iPhone 7. Of course, the type of precious metal used to coat the new phone is just one of the aspects of the customization. You can have your signature, a company logo or anything else you want incorporated into the design to completely personalize your new accessory, whether it’s the iPhone 7 Plus, or the iPhone 7 Pro. In fact, Goldgenie has collaborated with Apple so that customers can receive their brand new personalized iPhone 7 the moment the smartphone is launched on 25 August.


There is still time to pre-order your meticulously crafted, personalized iPhone 7 before this new accessory is launched to the world on 25 August. And even if you order late, you can rest assured that yours will be unique in every way, a design especially hand-made for you. (Personalization includes the following services: laser engraving, diamond setting, gold plating or solid gold housings.)


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