Rolls – Royce rides into the 22nd Century

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In their latest project, code-named ‘103EX’, British vehicle manufacturer Rolls-Royce redefines luxury of the future. Baroque Ground finds out all about the Rolls-Royce ‘Vision Next 100’


British heritage brand Rolls-Royce has just created the first-ever ‘Vision Vehicle’, a car that defines luxury for the 22nd Century. The ‘Vision Next 100’  is an extremely innovative, ultra-modern car that is completely different, and much more advanced than anything Rolls-Royce has created in the past.

The Rolls-Royce brand is already synonymous with luxury, and this new iteration certainly offers every possible luxe. But it also offers an idea of future generation vehicles from this progressive luxury brand, a car that the owner can personalize, one that is high-tech, exquisitely crafted and designed. It’s the personification of what to expect from Rolls-Royce in the 22nd Century.


Until now, Rolls-Royces’ Spirit of Ecstasy symbolized what the brand stands for, automotive excellence for the past century and beyond. The 103EX symbolizes the future of Rolls-Royce motorcars, where the vehicles are digitally connected to every aspect of their owners’ lives. In the 22nd Century, the car will not only be a chauffeur, it will also be a virtual assistant who advises the driver of itineraries, schedules and anything else you require before you drive out of the garage. Then everything is provided on the transparent screen in the vehicle’s interior, whether it’s info on the driver’s journey, destination or the people with whom the driver will be meeting. Alternatively, there is a score of entertainment options to keep the driver relaxed and happy during the journey.

Rolls-Royce describes the new 103EX on their website as a ‘Journey into the future of luxury travel’. “Looking towards the next 100 years, each and every Rolls-Royce will be a unique work of art. Shape, size and silhouette – you will be able to craft your vision entirely from the wheels up,” the website tells us.


The new Rolls-Royce, the brand’s ‘first-ever vision vehicle’ is the first automotive equivalent of haute couture, which the brand describes as “the future of luxury mobility”. The new generation of Rolls-Royce vehicle will be more like an individual sculpture than a car, according to the brand. Rolls-Royce has given a name to the artificial intelligence of the new generation of vehicles, Eleanor. “Now she has a voice,” the brand says. “Her vital spark lives within the very fabric of your vehicle: driving you, guiding you, discovering the world with you. Eleanor intuitively complements your personality, becoming a true companion.”


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