Dubai hotel to open in 2019 with its own rainforest

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Dubai is known for its innovative and unusual buildings, and the latest on the cards is no exception. The $550 million Rosemont Hotel &B Residence, due to open in the city in 2019, will boast its own rainforest! Baroque Travel has all the details


Just when we thought they had done it all in Dubai – from ski slopes to a building reaching for the moon and artificial islands – someone has done one better. Currently being built is a hotel attached to a rainforest. In the desert! Yes, the Rosemont Hotel & Residence, which is currently being built in Dubai, will have one that will be 75,000-square-foot in size – and much more. Aside from the opportunity to explore a tropical paradise, guests at this luxury hotel will also enjoy an indoor beach, a stream, trees and a special adventure play area for the kids. But that’s not all. There’s also a spa, bowling alley, theater, trampoline, splash pool, health club, sky pool and numerous restaurants to service the 450 guest rooms and 280 serviced apartments in the building. If that’s not enough of an adventure, both the skydiving and bowling alley will be experienced in a simulator, creating a very unique and surreal experience.

The hotel, which will operate under the Hilton’s Curio brand, will comprise two towers, each 13,000 square feet high. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, it will be set in the center of the city’s famous stretch of highway. The development is already under construction and it’s estimated that the hotel will open its doors in 2019. Each of the two towers will feature 53 storeys, and the rainforest will join the two towers on level five, offering guests a fully immersive experience of being in the jungle. The air will be misted using a special sensory system that will give the effect of being in a traditional rainforest in the middle of the desert without actually getting wet.

Of course, there’s more. You can’t have a rainforest without being able to zip line through it. So, visitors will also be able to go on a thrilling zip line ride, flying through the rainforest strapped into a harness and attached to a cable wire.

The hotel itself will be a sight to behold. Set against Dubai’s ever-changing skyline, the architecture will add to the city’s contemporary, ultra-modern feel. The entire design was inspired by a flowing river with lights shaping its dynamic form.


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