Launch of limited edition British racing watch

Écurie Ecosse
Écurie Ecosse
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Famous Scottish motor sport racing team Écurie Ecosse has teamed up with watch brand Omologato to create a limited edition timepiece. Baroque Access finds out all about it


Écurie Ecosse is a long-established motor racing team whose logo has appeared on some of the most famous cars in motorsport history. And now this livery is also featured on a brand new limited edition watch, the Omologato Écurie Ecosse Chronograph.

Much like Écurie Ecosse itself, the watch offers a level of quality and design that is unmatched. The timepiece is available in two different color schemes, both of which are the colors of the Scottish Saltire that’s at the heart of the Écurie Ecosse racing team. The watch faces are either in a sunray metallic blue with white numerals, or in white with blue details: the number 12 and blue-edged notches around the face.


Both versions of this limited edition masterpiece feature subtle styling highlights such as the Écurie Ecosse shield that features the Scottish Saltire sitting. This is located just above the Omologato logo and the center of the dial. The two watches both have a 22mm strap created from top quality Italian leather. The blue watch features a sophisticated black strap, and the white version boasts a touch of color in a leather finish.

The watch also features a quality Swiss Ronda Quartz movement – a first for an Omologato timepiece. There is a limited edition of just 200; owners of these timepieces will receive a hand-signed booklet certificate confirming the number of the limited edition bought. The 43mm watchcase is made from top quality surgical stainless steel with a flat sapphire finish glass. Each watch is packed in a specially made lacquered box made from piano wood. Watches are priced at approximately US $800.


Écurie Ecosse is renowned for its exceptional achievements. The team, which was founded in 1951 by Formula 1 racing driver David Murray who had become an entrepreneur, this tiny Scottish team, based in Edinburgh went on to defy the odds and win many Le Mans titles back to back, overcoming giants such as Ferrari, Lotus and Maserati. The winning Écurie Ecosse D-Type used in the 1956 recently went up for auction at Sotheby’s in London and sold for £16.65 million (around $22.29 million), making it the most expensive car in Britain.


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