New luxury movie theater for NYC

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Going to the movies hasn’t been much fun in New York City of late, but all that’s about to change, with a brand new luxury movie theater experience on offer at a multiplex in the upmarket new Fulton Market. Baroque Access finds out all the details


New York City is known for many things, but not for offering state-of-the-art, luxury movie theaters. But that’s all about to change. There’s a new generation of dine-in theaters taking over Manhattan, offering a very different cinema experience. Brooklyn was the first to announce the arrival of new movie theaters in 2017 – namely Alamo Drafthouse and a Nitehawk Cinema. But first on the scene will be New York’s brand new iPic multiplex theaters, which opens on 7 October at the same time as the upmarket new Fulton Market.


The new iPic theater will feature eight theaters in all, seating between 43 and 138 patrons at a time (500 people in all at a time). All will offer over-sized, extra-cushioned, ultra-comfortable seats (called ‘premium plus’) in addition to the normal offering, not to mention built-in tables and wide aisles. The ‘premium plus’ reclining luxury seats come with the option of ordering something to eat while you’re watching the movie, which is then delivered by a waitress or picking up a selection of goodies at iPic Express and nibbling on these during the film. iPic Express also offers an assortment of cocktails, beer, and wine, featuring their exclusive Cocktail Shaker.


This option includes unlimited popcorn as well as a menu of contemporary American dishes designed by Chef Sherry Yard, accompanied by drinks by Adam Seger. The seats themselves are plush leather, and pillows and blankets are also provided for the optimum comfort. The experience is pretty much like you’re in an airplane; there’s a button at your seat that you can use to summons your waitress much like you can call the airline stewardess if you’re in the air. Of course, all the premium plus seats offer great views of the screen.

If you’re not sitting in ‘premium plus’, don’t despair. You can still enjoy a selection of ‘gourmet popcorns’, as well as old-school candies and regular drinks, all available at the concession stand.


Incidentally, iPic’s entertainment philosophy covers more than just going to the movies. They offer a selection of experiences, whether it’s watching the latest blockbuster film in one of its new plush auditoriums, savoring gourmet dining-in-the-dark chef-driven cuisine at a selection of restaurants, including The Tuck Room, City Perch Kitchen & Bar and Que, or sipping a unique farm-to-glass cocktail option at one of iPic’s bar and lounge spaces. The choice of experience is up to you, and if you’re in the mood, you’re welcome to sample them all simultaneously!


iPic opens with  movie screenings starting on Friday the 7th. You’ll find it inside the revamped Fulton Market Building on South Street Seaport.


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