Report from the Paris Motor Show – Ferrari’s latest offering

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A highlight of this month’s Paris Motor Show was Ferrari’s unveiling of the GTC4 Lusso T. Baroque Ground reports back


The Paris Motor Show is regarded as the largest motor show in the world, and this year’s event, which took place from Thursday 1 to 16 October 2016, was no exception. The Porte de Versailles exhibition halls were packed to the rafters with viewers who had come to see every type of vehicle imaginable, including world debuts and major launches.


A highlight of the show was the unveiling of Ferrari’s first four-seater automobile that boasts a turbo-charged V8 engine. This model, the GTC4Lusso T, which embodies Ferrari’s new GT concept, is the perfect vehicle for those who would like a sporty, versatile car that can handle the road on a daily basis and up the ante on the weekends.


Ferrari’s latest vehicle, launched in the brand’s 70th anniversary year, is the perfect combination of elegance, sportiness and comfort. It offers an exceptional driving experience delivered by four-wheel steering, rear-wheel-only drive as well as being lighter than its predecessors. The 3.9-liter turbo engine is another kudo for Ferrari, who was already nominated as 2016 International Engine of the Year. The result is a lighter car that is perfect for daily driving in rural areas, a more versatile vehicle that can sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 208mph.


The interior is an effortless blend of distinctive Ferrari styling and luxurious elegance. It also includes the latest iteration of the Ferrari infotainment system which comes complete with an impressive 10.25-inch HD capacitative touchscreen.


Visually, the car is differentiated by its unique 20-inch alloy wheels and the different exhaust. In all other respects, it looks exactly like the V12 version, both inside and out. Both the turbo-charged and naturally aspirated models of the GTC4Lusso T will be sold alongside each other, and are expected to be very popular worldwide, especially in China and California in the US.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these exceptional vehicles, be aware – the GTC4Lusso T, which goes on sale at the beginning of 2017, already has a 12-month waiting list. Although prices haven’t been released for the US or UK as yet, the vehicle sells for €233k in Europe ($2.556 million).


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