Lakeside luxury – Igloos in Lausanne

Beau Rivage Palace Hotel
Beau Rivage Palace Hotel
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The magnificent Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne has added a whole new dimension to its winter vacation experience: the opportunity to enjoy superb food and breathtaking scenery in the comfort of one of two brand new igloos located in the garden. Baroque Travel has all the details


From December 2016 till end of January 2017, the historic, luxury Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland is offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a very different experience in the hotel’s magnificent 10-acre garden, a memorable meal with exceptional scenery in the comfort of one of two lakeside igloos!


Nestling in the hotel’s exquisite garden, these two transparent igloos offer a moment of magic during a snowfall, a unique Swiss experience on the edge of the lake. Both igloos overlook spectacular Lake Geneva and the distant snow-capped Alps, offering a magical setting for an unforgettable meal. Created by a team of designers from Swiss décor website Chic Cham, together with architectural group Espaces Contemporains, each igloo is quite unique.


The first is built in traditional Alpine style with lots of wooden elements, accented with red and green, while the second igloo is more modern and decorated with frosted metallic. Each igloo can host up to six people who come to enjoy a delectable tea with plenty of gourmet delicacies, including classic Swiss treats from the holiday menu of the Lobby Lounge in the hotel. These include fondues, gingerbread and tasty mulled wine.


Winter is a special time to visit the Beau Rivage Palace; the hotel offers a wealth of activities for guests so that they can enjoy a snow vacation. These include an ice skating rink, located at the back of the Lobby Lounge, with a special chalet restaurant offering seasonal delights, hot chocolate, mulled wine, warm blankets and a cozy Finnish wood burner.


Children are not overlooked at this magnificent old world hotel. Pastry and macaron workshops are arranged especially for the kids, as well as pony rides, and an opportunity to enjoy toasted marshmallows in the hotel garden. In addition, guests can enjoy special Christmas lunch and dinner menus, as well as New Year’s Eve lunch and dinner at the stunning Anne Sophie Pic Restaurant, which boasts two Michelin stars (and let’s not forget that the restaurant boasts a female chef with no less than three Michelin stars under her belt!). In addition, the hotel is hosting a special New Year’s Eve gala event with champagne and a special tap dance performance.


Beau Rivage Palace is an exceptional hotel, and has been pampering guests with the high life since it opened in 1861. Guests have included the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel, Nelson Mandela and Tina Turner, to give you an idea of the caliber of people who have come to enjoy the establishment’s many offerings. Located right on Lake Geneva and offering breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, this iconic hotel was recently meticulously refurbished to the sum of $28 million. The renovation included 100 guest rooms and suites.


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