Chanel to host 2016 Métiers d’Art at Hotel Ritz Paris

Art Show
Art Show
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On 6 December, famous French atelier Chanel will be hosting its famous Métiers d’Art show at the newly refurbished Hotel Ritz in Paris. This, the design house’s annual celebration of craftsmanship, is held in a new destination every year.

The Hotel Ritz, which was renovated to the tune of $450 million over a four-year period, reopened this past June. It is the ideal location for a Paris venue, as the hotel, which is located in the Place Vendôme, has many associations with the House of Chanel: Coco Chanel lived there for over 37 years during her reign as queen of couture. In fact, the suite was her fulltime residence until she died in 1971. The hotel has refurbished her magnificent third floor suite, whilst meticulously preserving every historic detail. Visitors can now book a stay in this exquisite 2,000 square foot suite with its breathtaking views over the square for around $20,000 per night.

In addition, Chanel also opened its first-ever signature spa at the newly renovated Hotel Ritz, using the brand’s exceptional beauty and make-up products.

Every year, the location for the Metier’s d’Art show is carefully considered so that it touches upon an aspect of Coco Chanel’s life, interests and achievements. For instance, the show was held in 2014 at the Austrian resort town of Salzburg, where Coco Chanel had enjoyed a vacation. Other destinations include Shanghai, China; Edinburgh, Scotland; Rome, Italy and Dallas, Texas in the USA.

Every year, the Métiers d’Arts show is presented to Chanel’s top clients as well as international fashion media. This year’s choice of Paris is ideal, as the city needs a boost after its bad year, which included terrorist strikes and floods.

Interestingly enough, the renovation of the Ritz was originally scheduled to last two years and to cost $148.6. In the end, it took twice as long to complete, and the budget was more than three times as much as expected.

Owner of the hotel, Egyptian business magnate Mohamed Al-Fayed hired architect Didier Beautemps and interior decorator Thierry Despont to refurbish the hotel. He requested they replace everything from the plumbing and electrics to elevators and furnishing fabrics. The result is, as Coco Chanel would have expected, the last word in chic.

This, the 30th Chanel Métiers d’Art catwalk show, is set to be a celebration of the Maison’s ateliers and a presentation of their magnificent craftsmanship.

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