The perfect private vacation in Italy

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Baroque Villas spotlights the magnificent Amalfi Coast of Italy, 30 miles of bold, colorful, breathtaking coastline where you can rent a villa this summer


The Amalfi Coast offers a visual feast when it comes to spectacular scenery with its picture-perfect pastel houses clinging to limestone cliffs, charming villages full of lively cafes and great shopping, and an incomparable, vibrant nightlife that attracts the famous, the chic and the glamorous in droves.


Our two favorite towns of the many dotted along this stunning coastline are Amalfi and Positano, both exceptional choices for a villa vacation in Italy. Both towns are ideal as bases from which to explore the amazing Amalfi Coast’s pretty villages, beaches, restaurants and sights. They also offer excellent entertainment and dining options, so that those who just want to relax can stay put and have a fun-filled vacation.


What makes a villa vacation such a perfect choice is that the private luxury villa is an absolutely peaceful retreat, a haven to return to after a day’s sightseeing or soaking up the sun on the beach. Staying in your own villa means you don’t have to fight to get a restaurant reservation; your personal chef can prepare you something delicious for dinner every night of the week, if you like. It’s the ultimate indulgence to enjoy a comfortable, secluded, bespoke getaway in the summer, without the crowds.



The largest and most historic town on the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi has a breathtaking setting. The town’s grand piazza is filled with shops and restaurants and discovering the town’s many hidden gems is great fun. They include hidden staircases and tunnels, the old paper mill, the Sant’Andrea cathedral and the Museo Arsenale Amalfi, a medieval shipyard transformed into a museum.



This unique and exciting town boasts sheer cliffs that drop down to famous Marina Grande beach, a lively atmosphere and winding narrow streets just waiting to be explored. Wherever you are in Positano you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the bay, and there is so much to see and do here, from relaxing in a charming café to shopping, dining at excellent restaurants and visiting the lively clubs. There are two lovely pebble beaches festooned with colorful umbrellas and loungers. Those staying here don’t mind the crowds come summertime, and can seek a respite by enjoying the Sentiero degli Dei hiking trails that link Positano to other quaint coastal towns.


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