Louis Vuitton case for your iPhone 7

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The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus deserve a luxurious case, and Louis Vuitton’s iterations are not only beautiful, on trend and durable, they’re also the best (and most expensive) covers available. Baroque Access takes a look


It’s beautiful, robust, top quality and does the job while staying right on trend. That’s the $5,500 Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Case we’re talking about, one for either your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Usually, a phone cover is an affordable option, so that some people can purchase a few so that they can change them according to their outfits. If you can afford it, Louis Vuitton’s exquisite, fashionable cases, just seen on the runway in March at Paris Fashion Week, would certainly be the option to keep your wardrobe coordinated. But how many you can afford depends, of course, on your wallet.


As they say, one can’t put a price on luxury, and when it comes to these magnificent cases, we tend to agree. The new range of cases, the Eye-Trunk collection, created by luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton for both iPhone 7 models start from $1,180 for the 7 and $1,250 for the 7 Plus to the top end version, which costs $5,500. The low end of the range features the signature Louis Vuitton design (the traditional Monogram, Monogram Reverse and Monogram Eclipse), while the top end of the range has a golden crocodile leather finish, which costs $5,050 for the iPhone 7 cover, and $5,500 for the iPhone 7 Plus.


And if you’ve just purchased the top of the range iPhone 7 Plus with a gold finish that comes with 256GB of memory, it would have set you back almost $1,000. Add to that the price of your gold crocodile leather Eye-Trunk case hot off the runway, and you’re looking at having spent almost $6,500. That’s luxury at its most expensive; you’re paying five times the price of the top of the range iPhone for the top end LV case. To judge by the amount of interest the cover has had since it appeared on the LV Spring runway show at Paris Fashion Week, there are quite a few prospective buyers waiting to purchase one.

This extraordinary LV trunk-styled iPhone case collection was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for the iconic French fashion house. More options are expected for both size phones in the very near future.


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