Louboutin inspired by Mexican craftsmanship

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Last year acclaimed luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin created the Africaba handbag, an African masterpiece. This year, he’s created the Mexicaba to celebrate Mexican craftsmanship. Baroque Access takes a look


French designer Christian Louboutin creates magnificent works of art that women all over the world love to wear on their feet, and in their hands. This master craftsman finds his inspiration for his iconic red-soled shoes and exquisite handbags from all over the world. Last year he chose West Africa as his inspiration for his first Treasure Tote, the Africaba, and this year he has chosen Mexico as his muse. He admits to loving Mexican design, and says his house is full of pieces he has picked up in Mexico over the years.


His latest creation, the Mexicaba, is a vibrantly colourful hand-woven tote, decorated with exquisite Mayan embroidery and beans made of wood and bone that together form mystical motifs of wild beasts. Aside from their incredible beauty and the uniqueness of each design, Louboutin has decided that every one of the Mexicaba bags that are sold will benefit Mexican artists and craftsmen as well as the foundation called Taller Maya, a Mexican design brand that sets out to preserve the authentic craftsmanship of those artisans who live and work in the Yucatan Peninsula and ensure them long-term economic empowerment.


These magnificent handbags, which are now available for purchase, celebrate the beauty and uniqueness as well as the tradition of Mexican craftsmanship. Created by the artisans in collaboration with Louboutin, the Mexicaba handbags are all lined with traditional Day of the Dead sugar skulls that have transformed into what Louboutin describes as “happy ghosts that will keep an eye on your belongings”.


The handbags were designed in time for Cinco de Mayo, an annual Mexican celebration held on 5 May. Since then, they have been available in Christian Louboutin boutiques for $1,490 each. Ten percent of the proceeds from sales of the ‘Treasure totes’ will be donated to support Taller Maya.


These beautiful limited edition handbags were inspired by the zest of Mexico and are stunning keepsakes, inspired by Louboutin’s love of Mexico’s embroidery, colors and pagan motifs.

Both Treasure Totes – the Africaba and the Mexicaba – were created with a charity in mind. The Africaba, which was produced by the women of La Maison Rose, a non-profit group in West Africa that assists young mothers in distress.


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