Bentley on Demand

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Bentley owners never have to drive anything else again, with the British automaker’s brand new luxury concierge service, Bentley on Demand. Baroque Ground finds out more


If you are one of the privileged few who own an iconic luxury Bentley, you can now drive around the world in style even when you leave your exclusive British vehicle at home. Luxury automaker Bentley has just announced a new service, Bentley on Demand, which is exclusively available to owners of a beautiful Bentley vehicle. While they are traveling they don’t need to hire a car to travel in; now they can have a specific Bentley model of their choice delivered to them wherever they travel and use this for the duration of their trip.


They don’t need to request the very same model they have in their garage at home either; instead, if they would like to test-drive another model, or want a different vehicle for a special occasion, they can experience what it’s like to drive another Bentley while they’re away. Not only does this enable them to avoid renting a vehicle while they’re traveling, but it is a great way for them to try out newer or different models.


This innovative service is accessed through the Bentley Network app, which members of this exclusive club can download from the Apple App store for iOS devices. Once they have validated their account, they can select the Bentley of their choice from an extensive fleet of luxury Bentley models, and the car will be delivered to their destination in time for them to use on arrival.

Initially this unique service will be only available in the US this summer, in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. Other cities will be added to the list as the system is streamlined.


Let’s take a look at what vehicles are on offer. For instance, if you’re traveling on an adventure with the family, you may want to use a Bentayga SUV. If you’re interested in speed, the Mulsanne Speed could be your choice. The service is completely bespoke, and the door-to-door service ensures that Bentley owners are never without a luxury car at their disposal.


This is not the first time that Bentley has come up with an innovative idea for owners of its luxury cars. Six months ago, the British automaker completed a successful trial collaborating with ‘Filld’, a fuel-delivery service accessed through a mobile app that offered Bentley owners the luxury of never having to search for a fuel stop or fuel station.


So how does Bentley on Demand work? Once the driver has requested a vehicle for delivery, they will receive confirmation. Then, an hour before delivery of the vehicle, they will receive a reminder of the reservation. They will also be notified when the car arrives at its destination. This way, drivers are assured of a seamless delivery service. When the owner takes delivery of the vehicle, the concierge will give a demonstration of all the vehicle’s features. The same concierge will collect the vehicle on completion of the reservation.


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