Celebrate in St Tropez with Dom Perignon

Byblos Hotel
Byblos Hotel
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There’s only one place we like to party when we’re in Saint Tropez, and that’s the legendary Les Caves du Roy at the beautiful Byblos Hotel. And there’s only one drink to celebrate with, and that’s vintage Dom Pérignon champagne. Baroque Access finds out about it


This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club that has hosted the likes of Mick Jagger and Sean Coombs, the French champagne brand has released a special celebratory collection, the Dom Pérignon Byblos Exclusive Series to honor the golden jubilee, the half century that this cool club has been in existence.


There are five bottles in this exclusive limited edition collection, each a Methuselah bottle celebrating one of the five decades of the club’s existence, from the psychedelic 70s to the captivating 21st Century. The champagne brand collaborated with this iconic nightclub to create the five bottles filled with Dom Pérignon’s 2003 vintage nectar, a sophisticated wine that will be enjoyed by novices and connoisseurs alike. Each of the bottles is a singular and unique masterpiece, a diffusion of colors that sparkle and shimmer and change with the light, inspired by the changing lights of the club when the party is in full swing. These five decades are each depicted through the music, fashion and artworks that were fashionable at that time and the decade’s atmosphere is engraved in the glass bottle for eternity.


Understandably, you can only purchase these exclusive bottles at one place, and that’s at Lees Caves du Roy. They are currently available throughout the summer until 7 October 2017.

Les Caves du Roy is an iconic nightclub, still featuring the same décor that made it famous half a century ago, with baroque columns adorned with gold brocade embroidered with Oriental touches that tower over the VIP booths.


Dom Pérignon is the prestigious nightclub’s signature tipple. The limited edition champage has been described by cellar master Richard Geoffroy as “a duality between restraint and expression”. A fitting tribute to a club that still rocks as it did 50 years ago.


This epic nightclub is as young today as it was five decades ago. It’s probably the most famous nightclub in all of France and has defied age and time to stand strong as a sanctuary of modern music. In fact, it now boasts a namesake CD that is played all over the world. Located just off the Hotel Byblos’ main passageway, its entrance is guarded by security to ensure that celebrities and other elite enjoy the club in the utmost privacy.

At Les Caves du Roy, champagne corks pop every minute and the rich and famous dance to trance and techno remixes, spun by iconic DJ Jack-E. Of course the dress code is as exclusive as the club and the champagne.


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