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The 21st Century has brought many surprises, and now there’s another in store… the Hyperloop Hotel, where you travel to different exciting destinations without ever having to leave your hotel room. Baroque Travel has all the details


Who would have believed it possible? A hotel room that is actually a pod in which you can travel from one city to the next without ever having to pack? Well, it’s about to happen. It will cost in the region of $130 million to build, but the Hyperloop Hotel could well be the next generation of luxury travel, the opportunity to vacation without ever having to pack up, take a plane or a bus or a train…


This concept is the brainchild of graduate architectural student Brandon Siebrecht, from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. His innovative Hyperloop Hotel concept would connect to 13 of the USA’s largest cities, including San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington. The ‘hotel’ is designed so that it will connect to hotels in all of these cities via a high-speed transit system that Siebrecht suggests be developed by Elon Musk. The concept aims to transport travelers to the city of their choice without them ever having to leave the comfort of their hotel room. No packing, not much effort… it sounds like a dream come true.


Siebrecht entered a competition together with 64 other aspiring architects earlier in 2017. He received the ‘Radical Innovation Award’ for his innovative concept, an annual award given to the person who comes up with the most imaginative, futuristic hotel design. Siebrecht’s inspiration was DevLoop, a test track that was made functional for a project called Hyperloop located just outside Las Vegas. Apparently, Elon Musk and his team have been conducting trials to estimate the capacity to transport people from one Hyperloop hotel to another in a pod like vehicle in a vacuumed pod at a speed of up to 750 miles per hour. If the system proves successful, it would transport passengers from, say, Philadelphia to New York in just 10 minutes.


What’s more, this won’t cost a hefty sum. It’s expected that there will be a flat fee for guests to travel from one city to the next of $1,200. This does not include the cost of spending a night in the hotel room, of course. That’s extra. It’s estimated that it will cost in the region of $10 million to build each pod, or room. These will be made from recycled shipping containers, transformed into luxurious hotel rooms complete with office area, living area with flat-screen TV, spacious bedroom and luxury bathroom.

At the present time, the technology to build this futuristic system has still to be created. According to Siebrecht, it should be possible within the next five to 10 years. The entire project would be managed via a customized app, so that travelers can visit a number of cities in a day if they wish.


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